Born in the service of a goddess long forgotten, serving the good of her and her followers, he became lost when she was captured and imprisoned in the Elemental Chaos. Seeking many decades for a new purpose, he finds it in the lands of Tyr, where the ruler has left the lands to mend for themselves, opening up for corruption, thievery and darkness.

He takes a job as an advisor for the nobleman Azera Semira, and feeds the growing rebellion in the city with information. In the rebellion, Tyrant-King Kalak is killed, and Sarghon joins to serve the new ruler Shamash in rebuilding Tyr to its former glory. During the rebellion he also met two of the old servants of Azera, one half-elf and one human, who he reluctantly allows to join him. After some time, they meet other people who joins them in the quest to rebuild Tyr and restore order and glory.


An odd being in a just as odd world, Sarghon is one of a few, or the last, of a species created in conjunction with the old goddess. They are a race that used to be proud of their origin, beloved by the goddess herself, doing her work at the feet of mankind. From their connection with the goddess, granted by the first conjuration of them at the beginning of gods and devils, they also gained immense powers. Being ageless, they wander the world for many decades and centuries before releasing their souls and venturing into new vessels, being reborn with the basal abilities such as speech and running, basic powers and limited memories of their past experiences. But inside them the pool of their former powers can be found, but must be re-learned through experience. They must learn the world again before gaining their full powers, fighting the evil of the world in the name of he goddess, gaining new experiences and memories that can be passed on in their next rebirth.

Sarghon had spent many mak lifetimes working for the goddess, and he took great pride in the work he was doing, determined always to work for the common good. But the world changed as the goddess and her dedicated followers, especially the Devas, were captured and imprisoned in the elemental chaos. There they were tortured, nightmares following them, made to relive the worst memories of their lives. When the goddess disappeared, rumors started claiming that she was dead, ran away from the worlds miseries or kidnapped and locked away far far away. No one knew for sure however, and they drifted into the books as legends and stories.

In the elemental chaos Sarghon retained his determined mind, looking for a way out for him, his goddess and her other followers. Out of the chaos that they had been trapped in where they would all eventually fall victim to madness. Their faceless captors enjoyed throwing mysterious beings at them for their own amusement, shapeshifters disguised as one of them, spreading poison in the ears of people, feeding paranoia and discomfort in the group. But every time he believed he found a way out, he found out that his captors were only playing tricks on him.

But one day he was suddenly thrown back into the normal plane once again, without any warning, and found himself in the middle of a big desert field, desolate and silent. He was confused, he had no idea what brought him back, but the chaotic storms of the elemental chaos had been exchanged for a calm sand-dune where the soft winds pitched hot sand at his face. Believing it to be yet another game of chase made up by his fiendish captors, knowing how devilish they are, he started running, and did not stop for decades later.

His travels took him through the whole world, on to the forest ridge off to the Tablelands where he hid for many decades, suspicious to anything as he was convinced that his pursuers was breathing down his neck, suspicion bred from his paranoia. Many years later, his body began to give up, weakened from constantly being on the run, suspicious of anything and always looking twice behind his back for the pursuers even though he still to the day haven’t seen their faces.

He became reborn in a desolate oasis in one of the vast deserts, where his new life gave him peace, no longer being hunted by his captors. He did not remember much about his past life, he remembered his old friend Tagashna, which he believed remains still in the elemental chaos together with the goddess and the few other remaining Devas. He holds a huge respect for the woman’s ability to quickly assess a situation and take the most logical action to prevent or encourage. He fears the idea of being the last of his kind, but discards the feeling merely as impossible. He knows the strength of his people, empowered by the goddess that protects her followers, and they are skillful, able to adapt to any situation.

Not remembering much more, and not able to sense the connection with the goddess, he became lost in the world. Sarghon wandered around the world aimlessly for many years. In his travels he came upon the city of Tyr, where there was great distress as the ruler of the lands, King Kalak, lost his interest to his people, the land fell into a deep depression, leaving room for banditry, thievery and corruption.

Soon hearing about the public discontent among the less fortunate citizens and the presence of an underground or organization, planning to overthrow Kalak, he found his purpose once again. Using his talents and experience, he managed to get a position as an advisor for the nobleman Azera of the Semira family, a nobleman working close with Kalak and his court. During his service there, he found a half-elf to do certain tasks for him, delivering important notes and other minor tasks. She has a blind sister who also works in the house of Azera, he watched as they work, curious how these mere beings were able to work so hard with their frail bodies, taking pain in their suffering.

The disgruntled population soon rose into a rebellion, where Kalak was killed by a gladiator, who is today the regent and had the faith of the people after killing the Tyrant Kalak. Shamash, became his name, and he began to rebuild the city, restoring it to its former glory. During the rebellion, everything is chaos, many people die, slaughtered either by the rebels or the templars of Kalak. During this gruesome times, Sarghon finds the half-elf servant and her sister, and is convinced to let them follow him in his future adventures to rebuild the city of Tyr, aiding the new ruler Shamash.


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