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Things are happening in the world of Athas. After an eternity of terror, a Sorcerer-King has fallen, and the city of Tyr is burning. From the ashes rises a new and better Tyr, or so its people wants to believe. Outside of the city walls, an army of templars loyal to the old Tyrant is putting the Tyrian Valley to the torch, and inside, the newly formed senate is paralyzed by intrigues and old feuds. At the same time, the streets are colored crimson from unscrupulous merchant houses doing whatever it takes to get the upper hand in the new trades and thugs and criminal gangs struggling for power. And beyond the Valley in the other city-states, the other Sorcerer-Kings start to awaken in their seats of power, suddenly aware of a new threat to their immortality. With the chaos of the revolution and the godlike powers of the Sorcerer-Kings, Tyr will need a miracle to survive.

In this bloody turmoil, a group of powerful heroes band together with their own agenda. This is the story of these heroes. This is the story of change in an unchanging world. This is the story of struggle for survival in the shadow of kings.

You will in this wiki find everything there is to know about the world and the actions of the six heroes of Tyr. You will here be able to read about the history of the world and all the important people that inhabit this desolate region. So dive in, and immerse yourself in the world of savage deserts and evil Sorcerer-Kings.


The world of Athas

Dreams of the Green Age - The history of Athas
The hidden library - Stories of the past and present
Exploring the region of Tyr - A map of the known world
Living under the sun - Common animals, expressions and things
Cities and surroundings - Important places
Kings and underlings - Important people


The tale of the Heroes

The heroes - Description of the PCs
The current situation - A brief summary of the campaign so far
Adventures in Athas – The comic - An even briefer and more colorful summary of the campaign so far
Act 1 – A new force in Tyr - Summary of the adventure logs in Act 1
Sessions - When did we play, what happened and who wrote?


Useful tools and resources

Custom rules - Some campaign-specific custom rules for your characters
Banners and graphics - Some graphics to use when needed
Fredrik’s roleplaying tips - Ideas on how you can improve your characters
Epic quotes - Because those are fun
The food list - Who is the leading food provider!

Main Page

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