In the Shadow of Kings

The Betrayer and the Killer


<< Who are trying to contact us? >>

<< We are Legion, because we are many. >>

<< Where are us? >>

<< We are in Tyr. >>

<< What did it happen to us? >>

<< With our friends we went to the house of the Titan. We already reported about him some nights ago. Legion wanted to claim for the weapons and equipment that the Titan promised us. And the rest of our clutch was agree with this solution. >>

<< This is good for our Aim. >>

<< Yes, we know. But we will disappointed you. We have waited long time to the gate of the Shahram’s family house, speaking with the guards and trying to convince them that we are good friend of the Titan. Saryel and Sarghon are very good in such kind of stuff. After a while the Titan’s son, Melehr Shahram, appeared. He was very sorry and worried, since his father is sick and he couldn’t receive us at that moment. Everyone was a bit suspicious about it, but Alina felt that his concerning was genuine. In any case, we didn’t get the new equipment promised. >>

<< Is this all? >>

<< No. After this useless visit we saw the fat guy of last night trying to catch our attention. Shivrin Halfblood looked worried at that moment and without guards. He told us that he had decided to help, and lured us in a narrow alley. And then, betrayal! An arrow from nowhere came and hit Sariel on the shoulder. The Halfblood tried also to kill us, but Legion were faster than him. Even do we forgot how strong could remain a old gladiator after years of inactivities. Quick as a snake he wriggled and tried to run away from us, when another arrow came. We dodged it, but not the second one that entered deeply in our shoulder… It was very painly but not enough to stop Legion that were ready to run after the fat traitor. However we couldn’t succeed, because a force shook us off our feet! The two-heads panther, our old enemy, appeared to finish the work of last night. But, at that moment, the situation was different and with our friends we easily surrounded the beast, that feeling in cage and in trouble with another flash of energy disappeared from our sight. Fortunately there is someone between us that doesn’t need eyes to see. Alina with an agile jump reached the upper floor of the surrounding building in which the panther tried to hide itself and using her strongest technique easily defeated the beast. The honor of Legion was save and the way to Shivrin free. Suddenly we tried to go to catch him when another arrow, a magic arrow, exploded between our clutch. We were very worried for them, especially for our friend, Corrin.>>

<< Magic? >>

<< Yes, Legion are sure about this. The sensation is unequivocal. >>

<< We should keep our eyes really open about it. >>

<< Finally we saw him. An eladrin with a long arc was going not only to kill us, but also Halfblood. The fat bastard was crying and praying for his life when he saw us behind him. Sarghon screamed to keep him alive since we could need him and the information in his head. Because of this we also blocked with our body another arrow directed to him.

Then the eladrin re-addressed his attention to fellows running toward him. Alina received another injury from him and we couldn’t understand how she could run after him when he decided to escape through the roofs of Tyr. Our friend told us that was a long and tiring pursuit that took them on an old building in which the killer disappeared. Meanwhile Sargon, with our help, was questioning the fat gladiator. He was sincerely scared from us because he didn’t believe that someone able to kill the two-heads panther could exist. But more than this he was worried for his life. He said that he was forced by Aitekki, the leader of Toothcutters to betray us. Shivrin told us also that he engaged The Nameless One, the eladrin killer that we fought to keep our mounth close forever. At the end we saved Halfblood life, with the promise of a new and a better equipment for us. >>

<< Is this all now? >>

<< Yes. We asked a question and a request last night, but we didn’t received a real answer why?>>

<< Because we don’t have an answer. >>

<< I understood. >>

<< What? >>

<< We said that we understood. >>

<< We heard something different, something never heard before. >>

<< Legion don’t know… >>

<< Until the next night, remember that we kill for one purpose. >>

<< We kill for one purpose… >>

At the crossroads


After the long night before, I was looking forward to a long night’s sleep, resting my body and processing the events of the past days. The troubles of Tyr are many, and many people are eager to use this situation we are in for their own benefit. It is truly troublesome times, but I was convinced that we were on the right path of rebuilding Tyr and helping its people. But as I closed my eyes and fell asleep, old memories came back and began to trouble my mind. I slept, but it was shallow, and I couldn’t help thinking about what I’d seen in the dreams.

But my thoughts were cut short, as faint movements in my isolated living quarters alerted me. I made out a dagger in the dark, ready to strike; I clearly saw its sharp edges revealed as a silhouette against the soft light from the morning sunrise through the windows. I lost my chance to divert the dagger from its target, and awoke quickly as it plunged into my shoulder. Quickly, I got up but could already feel the poison from the dagger flowing through my veins, weakening my body. I was puzzled at first and tried to grasp the situation, trying to fend of my adversary as thoughts went quickly through my mind. Soon realized that I had no chance to survive under these conditions, and I grasped into the deep mind of my opponent and filled it with distracting images, meant to disorient him long enough for me to escape outside.

While running for the door, I became worried of the two sisters that I had taken pity upon and taken under my protection in the aftermath of the rebellion. Their house was just across the big empty place where the area’s water well is positioned, and I worried that the same fate had fallen upon them and the others of the group. As I came closer to the door, my fears were realized as I heard the soft thumps of bone and wood meeting in fierce battles. I quickly became tired as the poison flowed deeper into my vessel; I felt heavier, slower. Limping through the yard, I tried to get closer to Aryenne and Alina, who were fending off attacks from what appeared to be guards in the morning light. What are the guards doing here attacking the girls? Thoughts ran through my head, nothing made sense anymore. I tried to get closer to see better, but my steps got heavier as my body’s energy was depleted by the poison. My cowardly attacker quickly caught up with me, I could see his elvish distasteful face now in the light. Between dodging feeble attempts of attacks by this rogue elf, I could also see Corrin and Legion fighting of a strange, black, two-headed Panther. What monstrosity was this? I was only hoping I was having a terrible dream, and it would soon be over.

But while looking over my shoulder to see how the others were doing, my adversary took his chance and thrust his spear deep into my shoulder. The pain was excruciating, so intense, I had never felt any pain like it before. The disgusting elf raised his spear for a finishing blow, but just as he was thrusting it into my heart he halted his movement as I heared a sharped high-pitched whistle. All the enemies quickly ran away, shortly after followed also by the panther who seemed eager to stay and finish the job. My adversary stopped in his steps to deliver a message: “This is a lesson from Aitekki to leave us alone”. Aitekki? This elvish name certainly makes one wonder. But the message left by the elf echoed in my mind, I began to doubt whether we were really going down the right path.

Soon after I understood the reason they left, as a group of heavily armored soldiers passed by the square shortly after the abominable band of scums left us, and they were walking towards the golden tower. What was going on here? Too tired to care, I tried to regain my consciousness as began people pouring out of their houses to see what had happened. Obviously these people were afraid of the fighting and did not dare to interfere. They aided us to get inside to recover from the battle and there we were able to get back home for some rest.

But we didn’t get more than a few hours to rest, as we were waked up by loud voices outside accompanied by storms of footsteps. After going out to see what was going on, we understood that something was happening by the arena, as hordes of people were gathering towards this old entertainment spot. We all were tired still after the long day, but decided to go look for what was causing all this commotion. There I recognized several old acquaintances, but went up to talk to the especially familiar face of Davith Vordon, one of the wealthiest merchants in Tyr. He was surrounded by bodyguards dressed in heavy armors and big swords, but remembered my face and allowed me to join him. A place was made ready for me, and with a little wine I tried extracting some information from him. He had clearly enjoyed a big rise in income from the current events in Tyr, as he had grown even fatter than when we last met. But our discussions were cut short by Ortlo the Lunatic, previous member of the legendary Crimson Companions, entering the arena floor. People cheered as she walked onto the center of the arena and dumped someone who’d apparently gotten a serious beating; the man could barely stand. Soon after Shamash entered and the crowd cheered, if possible, even louder. He explained that the man, a traitor Templar named Harsu Handar, has been working with the enemy state of Urik, who’s armies recently occupied the iron mines of the north, and are now marching towards Tyr as we speak. He was guilty of treason and would pay with his life for this. Harsu Handar sat on his knees in the sand of the arena and shouted how the true king is coming, but his words were cut short as Shamash thrust his sword into his heart. It was silent for just a heartbeat before the crowd roared once again and Shamash exited the arena.

Spooked by the news, I excused myself Davith Vordon and joined up with my group once again. As we left the arena I spotted Nori Silktongue staring at me, and shortly after he began walking towards us. He informed us of the Titan’s absence, but refused to answer us on his conditions or the reasons to this sudden absence. He also informed us how his old rival had walked down one of the streets, Shivrin Halfblood, who he claimed to be associated with the Toothcutters. Legion picked up Nori Silktongue and we ran through the streets to catch up with this man. He was not hard to spot, surrounded by four bodyguards that only with their appearance cleared the path ahead of them. We were able to convince the man to give us audience for a discussion in a secluded place over some fine wine, and sent away Silktongue with words that we should meet again soon. We found a nice secluded drinking place, and ordered in some wine. Shivrin Halfblood emptied bottle after bottle and became more and more talkative, revealing more information as more bottles were emptied. It seems the intelligence of Nori Silktongue was true, as Shivrin Halfblood confirmed how he works with the Nori Silktongue. Once again the name Aitekki came up, as their leader. Happy with the information we’ve gathered, and happy to survive last night’s assault, although barely, we went back home to return to our beds.

But for a while I could do nothing but stare at the roof with my mind filled with thoughts of day’s events. Who was this Aitekki, what are devilish two-headed panther-creatures doing in his service, should we join the army’s march to oppose the marching forces from Urik, what about the toothcutters? Many questions, but the biggest one was the hardest to fully grasp the extent of, and answer; have we joined the right side of this fight? I felt we were at a big crossroad, and we had no idea where neither of these would take us. A dark, terrifying crossroad filled with choices.

Part 3 - The Mother


We were in the catacombs of Under-Tyr that we had found under Crodlus shop. There was a strange boy with us, called Erdlu after the lizard, who we had just saved from the Toothcutters. Our strong and powerful group was on a mission, given by Salabus the merchant. He wanted us to scare Crodlu the sculptor to stop smuggling his dangerous goods into the city.

Erdlu said to all of us that the Mother was coming. He said she had seen Legion before. “Even rock cannot stop her!" Legion replied that he has never been there and didn’t know what she was talking about. At this moment, the earth started to shake and from a big hole in the ground, the Mother appeared. A wyrm, strong, big and dangerous, ready to kill and eat everyone around it. She looked at Legion, and he bended double next to me and started to mutter of pain and surprise. I could almost sense her mind myself, but she seemed to be targeting the Thri-Kreen specifically.

She was screaming and showing her hungry tongue. The small wyrms in their cages also started to scream in excitement. Everyone know that the underground wyrms are tricky and awful creatures. Immediately thereafter, the Mother snapped with her head, and my sister fell to the ground, bleeding badly from a bite in her side. To make matters worse, the disgusting Erdlu opened the cages and all the creatures came to help their mother. Upset by this, Sarghon hit him with one of his psionic powers, and instantly, the big wyrm sensed the blood and swallowed the little boy whole!

“Run!”, Aryenne called out, and Sarghon and Legion decided to do as she said. I, however, felt the pain of my sister, and wanted revenge. Even blinded, I could not avoid sensing the fear of my companions. “I will throw away this rubbish!”, I yelled, and started a furious assault upon the mother and its wyrmlings. I stepped over the tail of one of the wyrmlings, lifted the creature up in the air with a kick and tossed it with all my force in the ground, aiming the splashy spider web towards the head of the Mother. The great wyrm made a furious scream, her offspring’s web blinding her temporarily, and the others dived in to take advantage of her confusion. Sarghon unleashed his mighty powers, Aryenne’s spirit attacked relentlessly and Legion swung at her again and again with his sword. I was back on her, with punches able to crack stone. Suddenly, Legion caught fire using whatever forces he is in alliance with, and with mighty slashes fried the flesh of the Mother. All of this happened because of my initiative, but I still had the image of my wounded sister in mind, and gave it a last kick which cracked the skull open of the giant wyrm. Before the death of the Mother, everyone saw an image in their head. The image was of angry sisters and the wyrm brood, suddenly aware of introducers in the underground that belonged to them. They were coming at us, ready to kill…

We checked the barrels in the smugglers cave, which Salabus had promised contained treasures and artifacts. Unfortunately, they were empty, and with the enemies closing in on us, we had no time to search further. We rushed out of the caves, up to Crodlus shop, and entered just in time to see him smash the head of an intruder we did not recognize. He did not seem surprised to see us ascend from the ladder to the catacombs, and asked if we also were men of Salabus. We saw no reason to lie about this, and quickly overpowered him. The sculptor pleaded for his life, unaware that we never had the intention of taking it. However, when Legion asked him of his relation to his son, or why the beast Erdlu had called his mother had swallowed him, he could offer no good explanations. The wyrms were the friends of his son, and he could not say much else.

We were heading back to the Quarters when suddenly an old friend of Legion, the famous ex-gladiator Nori Silktongue, intercepted us to warn us that the Toothcutters were out for our blood. It appears that Crodlu’s business was run by the Toothcutters, and that they would be quite upset for losing their ability to smuggle things through the Under-Tyr. The Silktongue invited us to meet with Mulmehr Shahram, or the Titan as he is called on the streets. He was an enormous man, almost as tall as Legion and twice as broad-shouldered. The Titan had his own dispute with the gang, and offered riches if we could help him against the Toothcutters. No harm in helping such a rich and generous man as him, I think, and Legion could vouch for Noris honesty from their fighting in the arena in past. He also told us that Salabus is our enemy, not a friend. Apparently, Salabus was the leader of the whole gang! This didn’t make any sense to us, as he was the one who had told us to go to Crodlu in the first place, but we held our tongues. As a final hint, he mentioned that he believed his old companion, Shivri Halfblood, was a member of the group, and that he thought this was a good place to start asking around. We accepted his words, bade farewell, and went home. I fell asleep the second I hit the bed, and I am sure my sister did the same.

Part 2 - Salabus' Offer


According to the human’s calendar, it is the 11th day after the Festival of the Soaring Sun in the Year of the Priest’s Defiance. It’s also the day after we fought The Veiled that almost killed the blind girl and her sister. Alina seems to hit harder than we first thought – especially after that great artistic attack that killed the two veiled people. That attack cracked the chest of the woman and it was way easier to open. How much I like the taste of fresh human hearts! (Droplets of blood can be found here)

However, Alina’s still hurt badly and needs some time to recover. It’s Legion’s turn to look after her. Aryenne isn’t happy with that – not at all, I can tell! During the morning hours we’re sitting around in the yard. We’re just telling Sariel about the events of yesterday, about Musa Dyan, about Salabus, about that one-legged boy and The Veiled. Sariel tells us about that Templar meeting. The Tyrian Guard lost the Iron Mines to Kalaks Templars, and rumors say that they had Urukian help! People say that the Maid of the Golden Tower isn’t doing her tasks well enough and some also talk about spies inside Tyr.

Some minutes ago, a boy that seemed to be in really bad shape approached us. He must be handled quite badly – he has a black eye, two front teeth are missing. He can’t speak well and is hard to understand. The boy bows to Sariel and says his name’s “Fpaydeuvw”. What a horrible name to give someone who can’t speak well. He wants to bring us to Salabus – at least I guess that is the one he wants to bring us to. Sariel says we follow him, so we do.

We arrived at the Sculpturers’ Square. Nice place; I’ve never been here before. It looks like the people here are less poor – but not particularly rich either. Once we arrived, we are approached by Salabus indeed. He tells us about Crodlu, his rival businessman. For my taste, he says far too often that works for an “honest businessman”. He wants us to hinder Crodlu’s business. For the time being we tell Salabus that we’ll do our best. We also learn that the boy’s name’s “Spider”. That’s one hard word to pronounce if you can’t speak well.

Crodlu; a strange name for a man. I’ve fought several Crodlus in the arena, but something tells me that this one won’t be defeated that easily. We decide to first ask around about that Crodlu. Sarghon will go to the backyards, Aryenne will look around for other half-elves, Sariel will go to another store and I’ll wait in front of Crodlu’s store for someone to come out.

Crodlu has nice sculptures to offer; no wonder Salabus doesn’t like him. After I’ve waited in front of Crodlu’s store for some minutes a guy came out. He told me that it’s possible to get EVERYTHING in that store; we just have to have the coins for it. He said the sculptures of Crodlu are crap, but he has no taste! We agreed to meet at the center of Sculpturers’ Square and that’s where I’m sitting now.

Aryenne came back fast from her round – with no new info about Crodlu, just a story about a half-elf she did upset. I barely listened. Sariel, who was second to arrive, told us that the other shop-owners do think it’s not just sculptures he is offering. They guess you might even get iron and wood there. Wood – what beautiful pictures come to my mind when I think about wood – it is home to me. Algor is far better than this desert with its desert-like cities. Finally, also Sarghon came back. He asked a boy in the backyards who told him that people disappear at night. After a short discussion we decide to go to Crodlu and talk to him. Sarghon will do the talking while we shall have a look around. That gives me a chance to have a closer look to these sculptures.

Now we know why Crodlu’s called Crodlu; he quite looks like a crodlu-human mixture. Sarghon did order something from Crodlu, but I wasn’t really paying attention to that. We are supposed to come back in a week or so. I’d this nice sculpture in my hands, a Choker climbing a tree. It reminded me of home and I swirled in memories. Suddenly, I awakened from them, when I realized that I’d dropped the sculpture. Now it was all pieces and Crodlu didn’t look happy. I didn’t know what to say, but Sarghon said something that calmed Crodlu down. We went to another square full of people. Now Sarghon talks to this man. He seems to trade chit-chat with him. Something about a dragon; how much I’d like to taste a dragon one day!

The night came faster than we expected. Suddenly it dawned and we went back to the Sculpturers’ Square. When we arrived it was almost pitch-black. I hid in front of Crodlu’s store and watched two people walk in that store. None went out though. After an hour more of waiting we decided to go in ourselves. I opened the back door and immediately felt a breeze. That breeze came from the pottery-making thing. There also was a snoring from above and a ladder leading upstairs. We moved that pottery-making thing to the side and found a trap-door below it. Carefully, we climbed down. Here’s a big labyrinth of caves. Probably that’s part of the older city-state of Tyr. There’s torchlight coming from one of the tunnels and we’ll follow it.

We came to a widening. There we heard a boy talking to lizards or something similar. After a careful look, we approached him. He told us his name’s Erdlu. He seems interested in feeding upon us – or at least feed us to his lizards-creatures. He is going on about a mother that’s coming. Some minutes later, 4 creatures came from where we came. They were gang people from the Tooth Cutters. When they came into the light Aryenne recognized one of them as the half-elf she talked to, at Sculpturers’ Square. They attacked us! Sarghon tried to pursue Erdlu to fight with us, but the boy was just looking. He liked what he saw – I assume he was pretty hungry. I thought that he’ll get some food soon; either these elves or us.

The fight was tuff. One of the elves was a very agile guy, very hard to hit. We killed two of them and they already started to retreat. The agile one ran off, but we managed to kill the other elf. We attempted to run after the last one, but it was impossible to catch him – he’s simply too fast. Now we are sitting here with Erdlu who looks happier than ever. This boy is strange. He keeps on saying that Mother’s coming. We hear a scream that must have come from the elf and a deep rumble that gets louder and louder. I’m not looking forward to Mother’s arrival…

Part 1 - Lifting the Veil


We finally had a quiet day. Sariel was attending a Templar meeting in the Golden Tower so there was nothing to do, no stupid errands to run and no riots to fight. I sat in the shadows in the courtyard and watched my group waste their energy as usual; my sister Alina was practicing her monk skills, the Halfling Corrin fought with the insect Legion and Sarghon, the large blue skinned man, was telling them what they should do to improve themselves, except no one really listened. All this practicing every free minute is really like watering a flower in the desert, a total waste of effort. And water!

Suddenly, a man entered the courtyard and asked for Sariel. He called himself Salabus, and said he was representing an “honest businessman”, but it was clear to everyone that this might not be an entirely correct statement. The man did not want to tell us his business, which made my sister very suspicious. He could for some reason only trust it with Sariel. He said he knew things that might be interesting for us to know, but it was completely impossible to get anything useful out of him. He seemed very interested in talking to us though. Legion was curious as well and started to investigate the man more closely with his antennae. As is usually the case when people living in the city see Corrin and Legion, they start talking about their stupid gladiator fights. It turned out that this man was a big fan of the duo. In my opinion, there must be better things to do than killing animals and each other just for fun. And all those people spending money to watch the slaughter…that is nothing but stupid!

The chat was interrupted by Musa Dyan, one of the more respected Templars in the city. And he had picked us to help him! It seems like we are making us a name. Musa Dyan told us there was a riot going on in the city, and we could see smoke over the rooftops. Legion and Corrin were eager to fight and I was happy to get out for a while. Also, everyone knows that when a Templar asks you for something, you do not refuse. That would be like looking into the eyes of an Id Fiend.

On the way, we were told that the riot started as an attack against the Veiled Alliance, a group of fanatics who are against defilers and who have swept over the lands as a swarm of locusts, causing bloodshed and turmoil. Some of the Veiled escaped the unrest, but were wounded and weak. Forget about the riot, this was the perfect time to destroy the Veiled in Tyr.

We were going down a street in the city when we suddenly were surrounded by an angry mob. Their leader told us to step away from the Templar so that they could kill him. He was stupid as a half giant, that one. Sarghon tried to reason with him and asked what wrongs Musa Dyan had done. The human had, not very surprisingly, no answer to that question. In the meantime, Legion investigated this new human thoroughly. Of course we stayed by the Templar’s side and the mob attacked.

After a short fight the mob was either dead or fleeing for their lives. All but one. He was badly hurt, but my sister Alina pitied him and saw to his wounds. He was interrogated by Sarghon but didn’t have anything to say except that all Templars are evil. Sarghon persuaded him to see things differently. During this delay, Musa Dyan became very impatient and looked absentminded multiple times, like he was looking at something at a great distance. Then he said “They are getting away” and hurried along the street. We left the converted human with his new insights and went after the Templar.

We arrived in front of a house and Musa Dyan told us to attack from the back door, while he would take care of the front. In the backyard, a small boy with only one leg was sitting on a barrel. Sarghon and Alina gave him some bread and sweets and he started to talk. He seemed to know things! He knew that we were searching for the People Without Faces, and he knew that we were one member short. He said that the people inside the house would disappear through the other door to the Dark World if we tried to attack. Before we got a chance to interrogate him any further, he suddenly disappeared into thin air, like a drop of water spilled onto the ground.

Our party walked further into the backyard with my brave Spirit Lion in the front. The yard was deserted and empty, as a city street when the sun is at its highest point. All doors to the surrounding houses were barred except the one leading to the house Musa Dyan had pointed out. Legion kicked the door in with broken wood and splinters as the result. The Spirit entered the empty room with confident steps and bared teeth, enough to scare anyone away. Suddenly a veiled man and a gravely wounded woman appeared. They ran past the Spirit and tried to force their way out, escaping from the alarm coming from inside.

A fight started where we all fought bravely while fireballs swirled through the air. Me and my sister were knocked down for a brief moment and the veiled man grabbed the unconscious Alina and threatened to kill her if they didn’t get to go free. The party agreed to save Alina, but Sarghon had other plans. He used his psionics to confuse them, and suddenly Alina was back on her feet and ripped them apart, efficiently putting an end to the fight.

When we met the Templar, he was pleased to hear what we had done, offering us his help if we ever got into trouble in the city. What a fortune! I have in less than a week, managed to earn favors among not only one Templar, but two! Maybe there are some rain clouds at the horizon after all!

However, Musa Dyan told us there had been three Veiled escaping him in the house. Where the last one went, we will probably never know.

The heroes gather

Dungeon master

In many of the old stories, the coming of heroes and their fantastic adventures are foretold in mysterious prophecies and cryptic riddles. In reality, things are never so clear, and nothing can be predicted except the coming and going of the relentless sun over the sky. Most stories just happen, such as the tale that will now be told. This will not be a story of damsels in distress or noble princes. This will be a story of pain and blood and death, and of six heroes that would forever change the world.

Living in Athas is a continuous struggle for survival, and for our heroes, things were no exceptions. Aryenne Duneborn and Alina Tiger, sisters in blood, had lost their brother and father and were sold as slaves to a ruthless noble of Tyr. Legion the Thri-Kreen and Corrin Trelorindarzin were gladiator-slaves in the arena for the better part of a year, literally fighting for their survival every day. Haunted by nightmares and faint memories of a time since long gone, Sarghon Mindstalker was finding it a rough task indeed to endure the political struggles of a corrupted city. Finally, Sariel, Templar of Tyr was searching for a legend that could not be found, knowing that every day brought her own world and people a little step closer to annihilation.

Such were things when Kalak the Tyrant-King was killed in his own arena, and the city of Tyr erupted in chaos and rebellion. This was the opportunity that Sariel so patiently had waited for. During the following days, luck, or fate, brought the heroes together, united by a struggle to survive and a leader with a zealous dedication to her quest to save her people.


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