In the Shadow of Kings

The fight in the vault of Yaramuke


Xeeliah, Aryenne, and I are running through those tunnels. It’s dark in here. There’re ways everywhere. We find small rooms, filled with rubble and bones. We find large rooms, empty with nothing but stone walls. Then we reach a large room that looks fancier. It has pillars and braziers. It is all very dark in here, but we quickly find all the walls. It is large and there’s fancy stuff in here. Swords and bows and nice armors, some even fit for a halfling. Xeeliah checks out one the two altars that somehow stand in the darkness. When she comes closer, the darkness creeps further into the room and Xeeliah shrieks because of pain. We better don’t get closer to those altars then. Although, I am somewhat tempted I resist the urge to check them out myself.

Aryenne reads some of the crazy drawings on the pillars. She says it reads: “The hand that protects. The voice never hears.” And there is something about evil magic she cannot quite grasp. I would not even have thought of those drawings as writing. Xeeliah and Aryenne look through the weapons and armor carefully, while I just grab a huge axe; more a halberd, I’d say. Xeeliah looks a little puzzled, when I carried it to the entrance, she understands. I fix a rope between some stone that will make the axe crash down when someone trips over that rope. I also find some straw that I pile around the braziers at the entrance. I made some of the torches at the pillars light. I set up another rope that makes a burning torch fall on the straw once someone is stupid enough to get stuck in it. I already hear some footsteps coming. I quickly fix the third rope I got between the pedestals around the entrance. If someone comes rushing through, they will fall and hopefully push their own swords into their bellies.

Just then, I see Grax running around the corner, right towards the fire trap. I can only yell at him: “jump!” and he jumps over the trap. He must have seen the other traps then, because he jumps over those ropes as well. Aryenne and Xeeliah come back to the entrance when they hear the noise. Aryenne quickly exchanges the bow she found with the sword that Grax is holding. Then we hear a loud voice: “This is your last chance! Give me the girl!” We make no reply and just listen, knowing there are traps waiting for Nidaba and her soldiers. Suddenly we hear two bone-shaking >BANG< sounds behind us. I glimpse back, but there is nothing to be seen. It is so very dark here, especially towards the back of the vault. Hopefully that is not the rest of the army breaking through the stone. But whatever it is, it can’t be good. Nidaba shouts again: “This is your last chance!” Her next shout is more asking: “Sarghon?” Again, there is no reply. What does that mean? Does Sarghon ignore Nidaba? Did he go back to finish Legion? We can only guess at this moment. Nidaba shouts further: “That was your worst decision ever! It will be your doom!” Another >BANG< comes from behind us. But the soldiers in front of us are the more immediate threat!

Xeeliah and I go into a hiding position with a concealed view to the entrance. Aryenne and Grax go to those pillars and look at the script. Stupid them – we will first have to fight. But I am more focused on the entrance. Then the soldiers rush forward. One triggers the axe trap and has the axe collapsing onto him with some loud noise. Another soldier rushes past me towards Grax who is suddenly behind me. Why or how Grax got there is a mystery to me. I throw my Shuriken at the soldiers back. I am very sure that this throw will hit. Suddenly the soldier ducks. How did he know? When I hear the clonk, I realize that he must have tripped over my last rope. Now would be the moment to attack him, but before anyone else can react, a harpoon flies at Grax and hits him in a leg. He falls down and gets pulled to the entrance. He screams very loud and in pain for help.

Then both soldiers that passed through the entrance encircle Xeeliah, but I know what to do. With a blind fury of my blade, I rush through both of them and give them several gashing cuts. One of the soldier screams in pain and he rushes after me. He is almost at me, when Xeeliah sends her huge axe after him and splits his skull with a satisfying crack. >BANG< – another one of these worrying sounds behind us. Aryenne summons Claw to help Grax with all these soldiers at the entrance. >BANG<! This time, the sound does not simply die out. We clearly hear that something came through the rear wall. We can’t clearly see them, but they move slower than soldiers. They are also not as loud as you would expect them to be. A deep disembodied voice says: “The secrets of the vault will be kept!” These is something evil, I feel it in my bones.

Suddenly we hear more footsteps coming from the other side. Abalach-Re and Legion come around the corner. Abalach-Re walks towards Nidaba and says in a soft voice: “There is something I want to tell you!” And with that Abalach-Re turns into a furious Sarghon who attacks Nidaba. With the help of Legion and Sarghon, we can save Grax. I’m usually quick to see things, but when I turned around, I already saw Nidaba aching in pain. I threw a shuriken at her, but the final blow came from Sarghon. Nidaba’s gone, and so are her soldiers.

The zombies from the rear wall are the only foes left. No matter how hard we throw our blades at them, they just keep coming. Grax and Sarghon tell us others to distract them; so we do that. We see them running to those pillars again. Do they just want to run away from the fight? Good! More fight for Legion and me! Those are some really tough zombies though. After we finally struck one of them down, the two others just collapse. Legion and I are puzzled. We make sure that they really do not get up again and cut their heads off. Then we see that Sarghon and Grax come from the back area with smiles on their faces. They must have found some way to kill these monsters…



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