In the Shadow of Kings

Part 3 - The Mother


We were in the catacombs of Under-Tyr that we had found under Crodlus shop. There was a strange boy with us, called Erdlu after the lizard, who we had just saved from the Toothcutters. Our strong and powerful group was on a mission, given by Salabus the merchant. He wanted us to scare Crodlu the sculptor to stop smuggling his dangerous goods into the city.

Erdlu said to all of us that the Mother was coming. He said she had seen Legion before. “Even rock cannot stop her!" Legion replied that he has never been there and didn’t know what she was talking about. At this moment, the earth started to shake and from a big hole in the ground, the Mother appeared. A wyrm, strong, big and dangerous, ready to kill and eat everyone around it. She looked at Legion, and he bended double next to me and started to mutter of pain and surprise. I could almost sense her mind myself, but she seemed to be targeting the Thri-Kreen specifically.

She was screaming and showing her hungry tongue. The small wyrms in their cages also started to scream in excitement. Everyone know that the underground wyrms are tricky and awful creatures. Immediately thereafter, the Mother snapped with her head, and my sister fell to the ground, bleeding badly from a bite in her side. To make matters worse, the disgusting Erdlu opened the cages and all the creatures came to help their mother. Upset by this, Sarghon hit him with one of his psionic powers, and instantly, the big wyrm sensed the blood and swallowed the little boy whole!

“Run!”, Aryenne called out, and Sarghon and Legion decided to do as she said. I, however, felt the pain of my sister, and wanted revenge. Even blinded, I could not avoid sensing the fear of my companions. “I will throw away this rubbish!”, I yelled, and started a furious assault upon the mother and its wyrmlings. I stepped over the tail of one of the wyrmlings, lifted the creature up in the air with a kick and tossed it with all my force in the ground, aiming the splashy spider web towards the head of the Mother. The great wyrm made a furious scream, her offspring’s web blinding her temporarily, and the others dived in to take advantage of her confusion. Sarghon unleashed his mighty powers, Aryenne’s spirit attacked relentlessly and Legion swung at her again and again with his sword. I was back on her, with punches able to crack stone. Suddenly, Legion caught fire using whatever forces he is in alliance with, and with mighty slashes fried the flesh of the Mother. All of this happened because of my initiative, but I still had the image of my wounded sister in mind, and gave it a last kick which cracked the skull open of the giant wyrm. Before the death of the Mother, everyone saw an image in their head. The image was of angry sisters and the wyrm brood, suddenly aware of introducers in the underground that belonged to them. They were coming at us, ready to kill…

We checked the barrels in the smugglers cave, which Salabus had promised contained treasures and artifacts. Unfortunately, they were empty, and with the enemies closing in on us, we had no time to search further. We rushed out of the caves, up to Crodlus shop, and entered just in time to see him smash the head of an intruder we did not recognize. He did not seem surprised to see us ascend from the ladder to the catacombs, and asked if we also were men of Salabus. We saw no reason to lie about this, and quickly overpowered him. The sculptor pleaded for his life, unaware that we never had the intention of taking it. However, when Legion asked him of his relation to his son, or why the beast Erdlu had called his mother had swallowed him, he could offer no good explanations. The wyrms were the friends of his son, and he could not say much else.

We were heading back to the Quarters when suddenly an old friend of Legion, the famous ex-gladiator Nori Silktongue, intercepted us to warn us that the Toothcutters were out for our blood. It appears that Crodlu’s business was run by the Toothcutters, and that they would be quite upset for losing their ability to smuggle things through the Under-Tyr. The Silktongue invited us to meet with Mulmehr Shahram, or the Titan as he is called on the streets. He was an enormous man, almost as tall as Legion and twice as broad-shouldered. The Titan had his own dispute with the gang, and offered riches if we could help him against the Toothcutters. No harm in helping such a rich and generous man as him, I think, and Legion could vouch for Noris honesty from their fighting in the arena in past. He also told us that Salabus is our enemy, not a friend. Apparently, Salabus was the leader of the whole gang! This didn’t make any sense to us, as he was the one who had told us to go to Crodlu in the first place, but we held our tongues. As a final hint, he mentioned that he believed his old companion, Shivri Halfblood, was a member of the group, and that he thought this was a good place to start asking around. We accepted his words, bade farewell, and went home. I fell asleep the second I hit the bed, and I am sure my sister did the same.



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