Ruled by Sorcerer-King Hamanu, Urik is one of the most powerful city-states in the Tyrian Region, with well-trained armies, bustling commerce and wise sages. Hamanus legions have never met defeat, and the King of the World, as he calls himself, has never fled from battle. Whenever a decision has to be made in the region, one must never forget to consider the wishes of Hamanu of Urik.

The city-state of Urik is highly militarized, and governed by the the Urikite Templars, who in turn follow the laws of Hamanu’s Code. Even the lowest of crime is often punishable by slavery or death, and the Templars make a good job to enforce the Code. Hamanu’s Code, among other things, also sets the standards for construction, artistry, family arrangements such as who is allowed to marry who, and the behavior of prostitutes.

Urik has since long been looking to expand its influence, and has shown again and again its capability to do so. Not even a generation ago, Sorerer-Queen Sielba of Yaramuke aimed too high, threatening Urik’s power in the region. No one knows exactly what happened, but today, Yaramuke is only ruins, and the few refugees that survived now walk Athas speaking of horrible death magic.

With the death of Kalak of Tyr, it is rumored that the King of the World has his eyes set on a new, even riper target…


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