The Seven Traitors

Going back in time, to an age of which little is known,
The Princes some of the mightiest swayed,

For they wanted the world for their own.
Of the Seven that Betrayed,

Myra the Scorcher was the First,
Burning the lands to quell her thirst,

Saeke of Arala was the Sage,
Forsaking his people to learn from another age,

Wylin of Bodach, she was the Blight,
Doing what was needed for the Princes, that was her plight,

Oronis the Dirge was a prince of Kurn,
For his love to the blight, he would watch the world burn,

Daginor of Eldaarich fought ironclad,
Until the lure of the Princes drove him mad,

Kalid-Ma the Stranger was unknown to her kin,
And with blood magic, she killed them all with a grin,

Dregoth the Dread King was the fiercest of them all,
By sacrificing a generation, he survived the Downfall,

And in his stronghold he sits even today,
Plotting and scheming in the city of the Dray.

The Seven Traitors

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