The Eight Cities

In the world of Athas,
There are cities eight;

Tyr, city of Ages,
Founded during the dawn of man,
Its Golden Tower shining for a thousand generations,

Urik, city of Lions,
With its mighty armies, but always the second,
Following the ancient Code,

Raam, city of Beauty,
With its emerald gardens,
A pleasure to the eye if not the soul,

Yaramuke, city of Secrets,
Governed by the fair,
Housing tales since long forgotten,

Draj, city of Moons,
Home to the father of life,
Closer to the sky than any other,

Nibenay, city of Spires,
Beacon of light in the darkness,
Ruled by a king of shadows,

Gulg, city of the Forest,
The village of villages,
Living like the wilderness around it,

Balic, city of Sails,
Base of a thousand and one merchants,
Democracy in a world of tyrants.

The Eight Cities

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