This is meant to be a quick summary of the current situation, to help refresh peoples mind of what is at stake and which different parties that are involved.

Four weeks ago, the Tyrant-King Kalak was killed, and his killers, Shamash and Ishtar of Tyr seized control of the Tyrian Senate. At this point, the Semira family and the Templars that were still loyal to the old Sorcerer-King left the city with their servants and soldiers, and the civil war started.

Recruited by Sariel Templar, you have been keeping order in the revolting city, and have hunted for clues of what she is looking for. Among others, you ran into the Toothcutters, Salabus, Musa Dyan and The Titan. After you uncovered one of the Toothcutter lairs, you faced off their leader Aitekki, who turned out to be Aelar Longstride. As you came back up to the surface, you found that The Titan, who you thought was your friend, had accused you for the murder of Ishtar of Tyr, but you managed to escape the city with the help of Peikka (who was sent by Salabus) and Musa Dyan.

You headed north through the Valley of Tyr and past the Iron Mines to heed the call for help from Sariels companion Arannis. On the way, you met Sarghons old friend, who now calls herself Nidaba, the Voice of Urik, and who is the leader of the Urikan army helping the Templar rebels in the war.

At the site of the cave where Arannis was hiding, there had been a landslide, and you uncovered a sacrificial altar with an obsidian dagger. You traded this dagger to an old hag in return for how to get into the cave. This went via the burial chambers of an ancient king, and the last guardian blamed Sarghon for betraying her and her brother a long time ago. She also said that Sarghon was the one who started the destruction of the Lands Within the Wind. It also turned out that the prisoner that Arannis had been keeping had escaped, but that Arannis before that had found out that the ancient relic was kept in the Vault of Kalak under the Golden Tower.

On the way back to Tyr, you ran into the halfling Jana that had pledged to revenge the death of her friend, and also Yangi and his fellow deserters, who talked about the disappearance of Shamash and Ishtar and a Tyrian senate in chaos, and also mentioned a resistance group lead by Harharu Dyan. Back outside of Tyr, you found that the city was under siege by the army of Urikans and old Templars. You now have the following situation to consider:

  • In order to get to the Vault of Kalak (if you still want to follow Sariels lead), you have to get into Tyr.
  • Tyr is under siege and completely surrounded by old Templars and Urikans, and it is clear to you that without help, it will fall.
  • Close to where you are hiding, the army is constructing catapults to break the walls. You have seen that the closest construction site is only scarcely guarded by two dozen soldiers.
  • Peikka knows of an old smugglers tunnel from the abandoned town of Eikenu-Tyr, but does not know exactly where the entrance is or how to get through the tunnels and catacombs into the city.
  • Shamash and Ishtar of Tyr, who were going to be the saviors of Tyr, have disappeared or fled the city.
  • You have heard that the army is being lead by the Voice of Urik, who Sarghon knows.
  • You are still accused for the murder of Ishtar of Tyr, so getting around in the city is not going to be trivial.


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