Living under the sun


Selama alukh – Common greeting

May you always have water – Common blessing



Behave, or the Seven will take you – Common reprimand to children

Clean as an Urikite barrack – Referring to the famous Urikite discipline

Silent as an Urikite whore – Referring once again to the famous Urikite discipline


Beasts of burden

Crodlu – Large drake-like beast with beak and weak forelimbs. Wild crodlu live in packs and make very aggressive and dangerous enemies. Domesticated crodlu are expensive, but are excellent for fast overland travel.

Erdlu – The smaller cousin of crodlu, used by desert living halflings and other small folk. Erdlu are covered in scales and their forelimbs span useless wings.

Inix – Dune behemoths, well suited for pulling carts and wagons. Slow-moving reptile with bony plates protecting its back. Very strong and easy to upset, and it is common knowledge that no inexperienced inix riders exist. They either improve very quickly, or they get eaten.

Kank – Large ant-like insects. The solder kanks can be domesticated, and are very good mounts, both in and out of battle.

Mekillot – If inixi are dune behemoths, mekillots are dune mountains. They are used for pulling caravans or act as mobile palaces for the nobility. Mekillots look like a mixture between turtles and cockroaches, and are rumored to never stop growing. The domesticated ones usually die young for unknown reasons, however, but there are rumors that the shells of the oldest mekillots out in the desert are so big that entire tribes of elves can live inside.

Living under the sun

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