<< We are Legion. We are many. We kill for one Purpose. >>


This is all you can get when you ask Legion about his past (or about his strange name). I, Corrin, know him since we defeated the GIANT beast and we became good friends because our common food taste, but I don’t know more less nothing about him. What I can say it what everyone can see: a scary huge bug.. ehr… Thri-Kreen, three meters tall, with black skin, greenish claws on the four hands and big yellow eyes that every holy morning I find two centimeter from my face. Yes, Legion doesn’t sleep (his race doesn’t sleep) and he is very curious about this “weird and useless” (hearing him) activity that normal people do and he pass all the night looking the sleepers, smiling for every single movement and expression of their face. At least with him I’ve never been chosen for the night watch!

If this looks strange to you, you should listen how he speaks. He refers to himself always with the first person plural. It seems to hear an entire crowd to speak but for him is normal. Not counting the strange sounds that he emits from his bug mouth! Overtaking these weirdnesses in his personality, Legion is a good guy. He is always happy and curious as a child about the world that surrounds him. Actually for me he is a child since he is only three years old! When he told me this, at the beginning I couldn’t believe it. He seems to know perfectly events very far away in the history of this world, even if he has lived them by himself. But when he talks about them his voice changes and seems to come from another person (or group of people in his case!).

Another thing that makes me diffident to believe that he is so young is his fighting ability higher than the average. In the arena I saw crowds of people cheer for his toughness, and strength. And I could test his power many times when I fought shoulder-to-shoulder whit him. Once I asked him why he chose to be a mercenary and a fighter and he answered only: << to improve Legion and to protect the people precious for Legion >>. And actually, I’m happy to be between them!

Fighting seems to be one of his favorite activity, second only to eating. When he is not fighting or training he is just eating or hunting. He eats almost everything (like me!): animals, vegetables or death intelligent creatures, doesn’t matter so much for him if it is something that can fill his stomach!


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