Important places

The Eight Cities

The Region of Tyr

Sand, rock and a burning sun. This is how one would describe the Region of Tyr. The Eight Cities can be found squeezed in between the mighty Ringing Mountains, the impassable Sea of Silt and endless deserts. The region is named after its oldest city, but at this day, Tyr is no more influential than any of its neighbors, and probably more vulnerable than ever after the death of Tyrant-King Kalak.

The Sorcerer-Kings have ruled Tyr longer than anyone can remember, and each city is governed by one of the self-proclaimed demigods. Rightfully so, one might argue, as their defiling magic makes them practically invincible and capable of doing the most wondrous of things. Each of these cities have created its own culture, its own laws and its own mythology.

In between these cities, one finds mostly unforgiving deserts, impenetrable mountains and salt flats devoid of life. There are also countless tales of forgotten cities and ruins from a time since long gone. In order to find any of these mythical places, however, one has to survive a merciless sun, deadly and unpredictable storms, desperate nomads and bandits preying on caravans and lone settlements and monsters that have taken the badlands as their own. Exploring these artifacts from the Green Age is not a simple task, as one can imagine.

Important places

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