Aryenne Duneborn (Maria) – With the blood of two worlds flowing in her veins, this half-elf has learned to harness the power of also a third. Her mind walks with the spirits of beasts that would die again to protect her, and ancestors from a distant past give her insights of kings and peasants both. Side by side with her fearful lion companion, she runs boldly into every battle, fighting for her sister and secrets from a mysterious heritage.

Corrin Trelorindarzin (Karsten) – A savage halfling from the forests of the far side of the Ringing Mountains, fate and a sense for adventure has brought Corrin to the land of men and the city of Tyr. Forced to fight in the Arena for over a year, the halfling rogue has with the speed of a viper and the agility of an aardverok defeated every enemy that have been thrown against him. If you want to keep your life or coins or both, you do best to stay away from this cannibal that has, quite literally, the force of his forefathers within him.

Grax (Laszlo) -

Legion (Dario) – We are Legion. We are many. We kill for one Purpose. That is what this thri-kreen would answer if you asked him about his past. If you would even dare to ask him anything, that is. Connected to the lands and the skies by birth, Legion knows that he was born as a warrior, and he will die as a warrior. During battle, he fights as the essence of the storm, backing his mighty sword with blistering lightning and the wrath of nature.

Sarghon Mindstalker (Tobias) – Born in the service of a goddess long forgotten and reborn time and again, Sarghon has been wandering the lands of Tyr for many decades in his search for a new purpose. In the chaos after King Kalaks death, this is exactly what he finds, and the benefit of having an immortal deva on your side does not need to be spoken of. With psionic powers and memories from a thousand lives, Sarghon is a force to be reckoned with both in court and on the battlefield.

Xeeliah (Maren) -


Alina Tiger (Vesselina) – A blind monk in the search of her lost brother, Alina is a young woman who spends every waking second practicing her special skills. Her eyes cut out as a child, she has for many years had to rely on her younger sister, and has during that time developed powers that most people can only dream of. Quite understandably, she is very suspicious of the unknown, and if you want to keep your life, you do best not to anger her.

Piekka (Laszlo) – A hardened warrior that has seen far too much during his long life. Piekka is an outcast from Nibenay, and due to the elven blood flowing in his veins also an outcast from the human society in general. After serving ten long years under the hand of a Toothcutter crimelord, he is now finally free to do his own biddings. And there are powers in this harsch world that Piekka is one of the few to grasp, something which he is more than willing to show his enemies during the heat of battle.

Sariel the Templar (Maren) – A champion from the Lands Within the Wind, this eladrin druid is fighting against time to find a mythical artifact that can save her people. Sariel works tirelessly to track down the last pieces of a near forgotten legend, and no one, be it man or beast, would survive standing in her way. She is now a Templar of the city of Tyr, and her conviction and power has brought the heroes together. One single thought burns in her head; will she manage to save her kin before they are swallowed by the spirits of the night?


In the Shadow of Kings Windmark