The Dyan family is one of noble families supporting Shamash and Ishtar of Tyr. They are ruled by Shulla Dyan, and are one of the most influential of the six families.

On the streets, they are generally said to be the family which was most easy for the Liberators to please, but in truth, the majority of both the new templars and those appointed by Kalak are related by blood to Shulla Dyan, so the price has obviously not been that low. While templars are generally said to be independent, one might wonder whether this is really always the case.

Shulla Dyan: The ruler of the house.

Musa Dyan: A defiling Templar of the city of Tyr. During a great fire of the Warrens, the heroes helped him track down a group of Veiled rebels, and he has because of this promised them future help.

Harharu Dyan: Captain of the Tyrian Guard, and rumored to be the leader of a resistance group fighting the Urikan invaders.


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