In the Shadow of Kings

In the Vault of Kalak

Aryenne al

As we got closer to the wall surrounding the Golden Tower and the Templar district, we tried to make up a plan. Some of us were skeptical of helping Sariel to get the relic, but we finally decided that the vault would probably contain other valuable things, that all of us could enjoy.

When we came to the gate leading into the Templar’s district, we saw a big group of soldiers outside. They seemed to be waiting for something, or someone. Suddenly a smaller group of soldiers came running towards the gate from the city. They were protecting a man in the middle, but we could not see who it was. As he disappeared into the gate, the guards started to retreat. Peikka realized that the opportunity to get into the city was falling out of our hands and he called out to the captain of the guard. When he turned towards us, we saw a familiar face. It was Melehr Shahram, the son of the Titan.

He commanded the guards to let us in. He had orders from his father to bring us to him if we showed up at the gate. The guards at the gate were not convinced but during the confusion we were able to get inside. I had to knock down a pair of guards so that Sariel and Sarghon could make it. Then Melehr and a bunch of his guards led us into the Golden Tower and down into the cellars. This was the last task his father had given to him, and he left us at the top of some stairs. The Titan was waiting for us down there, he said.

We went down and found ourselves in a large chamber with a heavy gate covered with mystical symbols on the one side, and crossing a bottomless chasm were four sets of stairs leading down from other parts of the Tower. The Titan was nowhere to be seen. As we tried to force the door open, Musa Dyan came down the stairs accompanied by two Panthers and a group of archers. Peikka continued working on the door, which showed to be quite difficult, while we threw ourselves into the fight with Dyan and his forces. Sariel threw one of the panthers into the abyss between us and Musa Dyan. Claw fought the other one bravely. As Peikka finally managed to open the door with some help from us, we all rushed in and closed it behind us, barely escaping the wrath of the furious Templar.

We found ourselves in a room with seven statues. Over the door were familiar words written, an old nursery rhyme, known by every child in Athas:

Going back in time, to an age of which little is known,
The Princes some of the mightiest swayed,
For they wanted the world for their own.
Of the Seven that Betrayed,

Myra the Scorcher was the First,
Burning the lands to quell her thirst,

Saeke of Arala was the Sage,
Forsaking his people to learn from another age,

Wylin of Bodach, she was the Blight,
Doing what was needed for the Princes, that was her plight,

Oronis the Dirge was a prince of Kurn,
For his love to the blight, he would watch the world burn,

Daginor of Eldaarich fought ironclad,
Until the lure of the Princes drove him mad,

Kalid-Ma the Stranger was unknown to her kin,
And with blood magic, she killed them all with a grin,

Dregoth the Dread King was the fiercest of them all,
By sacrificing a generation, he survived the Downfall,
And in his stronghold he sits even today,
Plotting and scheming in the city of the Dray.

We soon realized that the statues represented the Seven, on each side of the room stood three of the Betrayers. There was Myra with her flowing robes and wild hair, Wylin of Bodach surrounded by snakes, Daginor of Eldaarich clad in armor with great sword by his side, Saeke of Arala with a feather pen and an open book, Oronis the Dirge with his lute and a sad smile on his lips and Kalid-Ma with a hood over her unseeing face and a knife in her hand. In the middle stood Dregoth the Dread King with dragonwings on his back. One of his hands held a broad sword and the other was extended, palm up, as if he was about to be given something.

There were dark spots beneath some of the statues, and we soon realized it was blood. As we examined the statues closer, we found out that the knife of Kalid-Ma was removable. Suddenly I stood with the stone knife in my hand and tested the edge at my thumb nail. It was sharp, very sharp. Behind the statue of Dregoth we found a door which could not be opened. There had to be a connection between the blood stains and the door.

We used the knife of the Stranger and all of us tried to please the dead gods and goddesses with our blood. Nothing happened… Not until I laid my bloodied hand on the cold stone formed as the hand of the Dread King. The door behind the statue opened and revealed a small passageway.

In a poorly lightened room, we found the Titan lying on the floor. He was dead. By his head sat the one legged child. He played with the Titan’s head and started to speak slowly. ”HE is in there, he is still very upset, you know.” Behind his back was a large, thick door. The boy continued. “He heard her thoughts, the restless wanderer. She has forgotten her nearest. They were wrong. They took the wrong child. But it is his turn now. He wants her, he wants the crimes answered for.” Suddenly the boy looked up and turned his head to me. “He has the Adar Na Tia, he has her heart now. The wanderer has forgotten her name, she used to be the queen of secrets, but she kept them so well that she has forgotten even who she is.” Then he fell silent and turned back to the corpse in front of him. He started patting the head again and then he slowly faded away before we could ask him about his mysterious statements.

While Sarghon and Sariel had a totally stupid discussion about what should be done with the body of the Titan while trying to keep Corrin and Legion away from it, I realized that we had to keep going. I pushed the door open and entered the Vault of Kalak.

A gigantic hall was revealed. The floor was covered with sand and in the middle was the top of a pyramid. Then I saw him, Aziru! My brother was sitting on one of the lower steps of the pyramid. There were paths leading out to the pyramid over the sand and as I walked towards the closest one, I heard the others coming through the door.

As I walked cautiously towards the pyramid, I heard the others gasp. When I turned around I saw them standing behind me, hindered to follow by some invisible force. Suddenly, a giant tentacle shot up through the sand some steps behind them. I tried to point at it and shout out a warning, but at the same time I felt something forcing me to continue the walk towards Aziru.

I tried to stop walking, I tried to talk to him, but I was forced to take first one step, and then another. There were more tentacles shooting up through the sand and in the corner of my eyes I could see my allies fighting furiously. Close to Aziru’s face I was stopped. I saw that he was holding a strangely shaped stone in his hand. It looked almost like a heart. Suddenly, I had a knife in my hand and realized that my arm moved it closer and closer to my neck. I pleaded him to stop. Alina tried to remind him of all we had done together, that we were siblings, that we had the same blood and a history together. The knife was pressed harder against my skin, I could feel the blade and a few drops of blood running down my neck. One drop landed on the stone in Aziru’s hand and I could feel a burst of power flowing from it. For a short moment it looked as if the stone shimmered.

Alina continued talking, but I heard her voice as if she was standing far away. Suddenly I saw a flicker in my brother’s eyes and I felt the pressure from the knife lighten. I could move again and quickly took the few steps up to my brother. I put the knife to his neck and only needed to do a quick cut to kill him, but I hesitated. He is my brother, whom I have been searching for since he was taken from us in the attack that killed my father. Maybe I could save him…

My hesitation was enough for Aziru to regain his mind. He looked in my eyes and laughed. “Your time has come, sister”, he said and then forced my arm to make a deep, deadly cut in his neck. The heart shaped stone fell to the ground. I picked it up and could feel it vibrate to my touch. When I looked around I could see the group still fighting what appeared to be a huge sand snake with tentacles spread all across the room.

Sariel defended Alina from one of the tentacles and slashed at it repeatedly. It seemed as if she was about to defeat it when it suddenly made a last swing, which hit Sariel. It was a hard hit, and Sariel fell to the floor with her spear still clutched in her hand.

At the same time, in another part of the chamber, the mouth of the tentacled beast broke through the sand close to where Peikka and Legion were standing. Both started to attack it and Peikka prepared his most powerful attack, the one that saved us from the gigantic sandworm in the caves. This time, for some reason, it did not work fully as planned. The attack hit, but when the beast closed its mouth, Peikka managed to push Legion out of the way, but he himself got caught…

Suddenly the chamber was still and quiet. At my feet lies my brother, but we soon realize that he is not the only one who lost his life in the battle. We will have to leave the chamber and continue our journey without Sariel and Peikka…

Before we left we picked up as many of the Vault’s treasures as we could carry. There were metal weapons, armors, rings, necklaces and gems. Then we got out from the vault, outside the Golden towers and the Templar districts. Outside the walls we met the fire. Tyr was on fire! We decided to try for the north gate and started running through the burning streets.

The heart shaped stone was still in my hands and I could not help but wonder why it had reacted with that shimmering light when my blood touched it. Does that mean that my blood is special in any way? How? Does that mean that I am part of something big? Something evil? I have so many questions and cannot wait until I can discuss them with my sister.

A turn of events


Corrin’s eyes flickered as he told us what awaited us beyond the peak of the hill, but we knew what he was going to say already before his mouth spoke the words. The city is already burning, the trebuchets being assembled in front of our eyes and lining most of what we see of the walls of Tyr. The city has fallen before even the first stone has been flung against its walls, a city with not much defense more than shelters of stone built my man, and now to be destroyed by man. The prideful city that I once considered my flawed diamond but now view in disgust as the true faces of the men inside it have revealed themselves after the events of the last few days.

The host of the Urikan army is immense with thousands and thousands of soldiers wielding the flag of the city-state of Urik. And in the midst of this is my old friend Nidaba. What has become of her, if only I could reach into her heart and find that gentle personality that I once knew her for.

Ahead lies this city, and we have a whole army to get through, thick walls to climb and desperate soldiers inside the city to fight off as well. We have a choice of trying to trick our way in past the soldiers and somehow through the city gates, or finding an old smugglers’ tunnel leading from a small town south of the city, and into the heart of Tyr. My thoughts went to finding Nidaba, but her rejection last time didn’t bring me much hope that she would in any way help us.

It seems that our best choice is to look for that smugglers’ tunnel, but it could take days to go through every building of the town and find it. After much discussions we decide that Piekka and Legion would approach a commander of the army and persuade them that they are smugglers looking to earn a great reward for the important information and leading troops through the tunnel.

However things did not go as planned, as the rest of us who were traveling to the town where we would wait and hide until the troops would find the tunnel, we were discovered by scouting troops. In the night it was difficult to see where we were going, but after much time we met our friends again. But in the company someone rather unexpected, namely my old employer Azera Semira, and the man was still as full of himself as last time I saw him, and he hadn’t forgotten about me either.

He knew an awful lot about my companions as well, no way of knowing how or why but I became aware of one of his men who seemed to be feeding him with information. Entering the room, I felt immediately that there was something foul in the air, I could almost smell the darkness in the man’s heart, there was something wicked about him. Azera however was not out to kill me or the poor servant girls, neither the others, but we were sent with an escort led by Ashad the Flayer. I expected no foul play from Azera, the man glorifies himself so much that he thinks he can control everything around him.

The walk through the tunnels accompanied by some 30 soldiers and Ashad the Flayer did not go as easy as I had expected, but luckily Piekka seemed to know his way around the place, and after a long walk we reached the exit and found ourselves in the Warrens of Tyr.

The Deserters


When we got closer to the group of people approaching us, we realized that it was a group of soldiers. Three of them were armored with lances and rode on Crodlus that looked quite muscular as if trained for fight. One of them was limping, so apparently they had also experienced one or another fight. This was certified by their worn-out and dusty looking clothes.

Getting nearer, we could identify a handful of people behind the crodlus armored with crossbows. They all seemed to hesitate to come closer to us, but a loud and commanding voice shouted from behind them “Attack!”. So the crodlus and their riders came closer, the bowers spread out tactically and the group revealed finally a muscular man, who was apparently the leader of the small group. The bowers load their bows… the fight has begun.

The bowers were trained to a very high hit rate. Through a rain of arrow, constantly hidden by some of them, I could see the others hiding on the right side of the dried river behind a huge rock. Jana and Teki sprinted to the other side and hid as well. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Claw, Aryennes spirit, flashing back and forth, providing healing and attacking. This… “thing” is really awesome. But after a short time of shock, I realised that the fight was indeed not one-sided. Every now and then I could see some shurikens flying and hitting very precisely. Although I couldn’t see the small Halfling, his efficiency is not disputable.

I jumped away from my hiding place and built up my thorny wall right at the thinnest place of the dried out river bed in order to provide some cover. Nevertheless, our biggest problem were the crossbowers, who climbed up pretty high on the rocks on the left and the right side of the valley and constantly covered us with a hail of arrow. Jana and Teki climbed up the rocks as well and tried to attack the bowers. But with only one arrow at a time, this undertaking didn’t really look successful.

The sardonic voice of the leader resounded again: “Give up! You don’t have any other chance! I say it again: The Scourge of Tyr tells you to surrender!” But I just couldn’t consider this option! The mission to get to the Vald of Kalak is just too important!

Suddenly I heard a terrible scream. Right behind the thorny wall lay Sarghon, apperently badly hurt. Although my trust in him has been pretty unsettled in the last days, we couldn’t let him die there. So we concentrated our attacks on the riders and the leader of the group in order to chase them away from Sarghon. But they really had it in for him. Every now and then, one of the lancers steered away his crodlu and turned around again in order to hit Sarghon with full speed.

Suddenly the leader of the group fell to his knees. One of Corrins shurikens stuck deep in his face. He kneeled there a moment, in his face the clear impression that he knew he will die and fell face forward into the dust.

As soon as the leader was dead, the two remaining lancers threw down their weapons and unmounted the crodlus. One of them ran quickly to one of the fallen lancers and kneeled next to him.
As the bowers realized that their leader was dead, they climbed up the rocks further and vanished from the line of sight.

The man who was kneeling next to an apparently dead one begged: “Please, save my brothers life! We had to obey the orders of Jaddid Vordon. And the leader of the bowmen, ”/campaign/in-the-shadow-of-kings/wikis/rahbani" class=“wiki-page-link”>Rahbani, was none of our friends! You have to believe us! We’ll do everything you want, but please, save my brother! I feel that there is still a rest of his life in his body! Please!"

Since they already threw away there weapons and we needed desperately some answers, what was going on in Tyr and with the Urikan army, we agreed to help him and save his brother. Sarghon, finally conscious again, searched through the dead body of Jaddid and found a ring with the emblem of the House of Vordon. Also his worn-out clothes show the emblem and he put both the ring and the armor shirt in his backpack. The others had the same rings and we took them as well. Maybe we’ll need them, when we try to get back into the city of Tyr.

Jana pulled Corrin to the side and whispered: “Why didn’t you kill them all as you had the chance? I can not understand this! Their lives are not worth it not to be taken!” Corrin whispered back: “Maybe they’ll have some answers to our questions. Just wait.” Jana shook her head. “I still can’t understand this, but I trust your judgement!”

The three of them were, after we rescued the life of the dying one, very talkactive and told us everything they knew. The introduced themselves as Hanud, Yangi and Albekela. They thought we are from Urik, but after they heard us speaking they realized that we aren’t.
They told us that they fled from the city of Tyr because it is “doomed”… whatever that means.

They were fighting against the Uriken army in front of the northern gates of Tyr for his master Davith Vordon from the house of Vordon. But they abandoned him. That’s why they had to leave. So they fled northwards together with Daviths son Jaddid, the fallen leader, and the crossbower group under the lead of Rahbani. They tried to reach a village in the northern parts of the mountain, because all the other inhabitants of Tyr tried to flee southwards. They tell us that, when they left the city and the battlefield five days ago, Davith was still fighting. Shamash of Tyr hasn’t been seen for some time and the queen is since long gone. No one was left to rule the city. The possibility that the city is already taken by now, is pretty high we realized.

They heard that the Voice of Urik arrived at Tyr and rumours about her are already spreading quickly: people tell that she wears a mask and no one has ever seen her uncovered, that she wears golden clothes and is outlandish. Also people tell stories about here brutalness. Apparently she pins overpowered enemies to the ground and let their animals eat their hearts… Yesterday the gang plundered a supply wagon and took a lot of food rations, which we indeed found in the backpacks of their crodlus.

Since the heat of the day was coming pretty fast, we decided to go southwards in order to find a hiding place for the hottest part of the day. We took the soldiers with us. One had to be carried by a Crodlu. We decided not to go in the middle of the dried out river bed but a little higher and look out carefully for the men of Rahbani. During the whole trip all three soldiers kept on reminding us of their terrible deeds when breaking their sworn oaths to their master. As oathbreakers, they wanted to do everything they could to make up for what they had done, and repeatedly asked us to kill them. But I finally could convince them that this was not what we were aiming for. “At least not right now…” I thought.

After a while we found a good hiding place and seddled down. While Jana did her magic with the herbs and the seeds from the Crystal Forest, we kept on talking. They told us further that they had seen at least one thousands Urikan soldiers in the way northwards, but the last people they had seen recently were twenty to thirty soldiers of the Dyan Family who were following Harharu Dyan. Apparently they had seen them heading for the mines in order to look for supplies.

Jana pushed us to ask for the old hag that we had seen the last time a few days ago going southwards with the dagger we found in order to kill the king of Tyr. Indeed they had seen the woman one day after they had raided the supply wagon. They had seen her walking southwards and they all thought it is just an old lady. But Rahbani sent nevertheless an arrow towards her and they are all pretty convinced that it hit her deadly because of his great experience with the bow.

Jana jumped up furiously: “We have to go! Southwards! She can’t be far! Let’s go, this might the only chance to catch her!” Wen could convice her to wait until the highest temperature was gone and we all had a chance to rest after the fight. The soldiers promised us to lead us to the camp, from where they had seen her last.

Many hours later the sun set slowly and we could walk on. Jana ran always a little further in the front although she did not know, where the camp was located. In the dawn we could see a light at the horizon, a big light and we realized it could be fire… right in the direction of Tyr.
The camp was located on a ridge, some rocks were overhanging the place and shielded the leftovers of a camp fire. They showed us, where they had seen the old hag the last time and indeed we found a puddle of black sand…. blood. But no dead body… Just tracks of blood leading away from the puddle…

The soldiers were confused. They were quite sure that the old hag was dead but apparently she survived the attack and was even still heading southwards. Didn’t they look for her corpse in the morning? They thought so, but could not say for sure. Strange. We followed the tracks a while and realized that the blood was getting less and less frequent and finally we just saw apparitional footsteps. We decided to follow the tracks southwards and Corrin and Jana sneaked in the front while we are following carefully with the crodlus.

Jana was really impatient and was really careless in hiding. Teki was always at her side. When Corrin realized that she is too careless and that he couldn’t follow that quickly without beeing carless as well, he grapsed here arm and tried to stop her. She reacted pretty angry, shaking away his hand and hissed “What is up? We have to go on!”

After a while they reached an almost vertical part of rock. Without hesitating Jana climbed up the wall quickly. Teki was very agile and followed here closely. Corrin looked back. It was getting later and later and there were no signs of the others. With the crodlus and the injured men they wouldn’t be able to follow, he realises. But he had to follow her.

When they reached the top, Corrin grabbed her arm again and tried to slow her down. “Don’t try to stop me!”, she hissed. “We can not wait for too long, or the hag will be gone again. And no, don’t try to convince me that she can wait. They are relying on me in the Forest.” Why, Corrin asked her. “There is something happening”, she admitted. “We saw something that we shouldn’t have seen!”

Corrin hadn’t seen his brother for a long time but now her words made him shiver. “Did something happen to my brother?” he asked. “Please, I have to know this! Did something happen to my brother?” “He was wounded”, she admitted. “But he is not dead, and I am sure he is well by now. Listen, there is something stirring in the Crystal Forest. It’s coming from the Underground. We have to protect certain things in the Crystal Forest. I have to hurry and get back there. But we can handle it ourselves.”

“Does it have to do something with the old hag?” Corrin turned her around so that she was forced to face him. “Does this all has to do something with the old hag?” “We just know that this old evil woman killed my friend! But please Corrin, I have to go know!” She shook off Corrins hand and vanished with Teki silently in the darkness.

Corrin sighed and looked some moments after her until he could not make her out anymore between the dark rocks. He turned around and started his way back to the group. He realized, how far away he had been. As he reached the vertical rocks, he could identify his companions at the bottom of the steep hillside, waiting for him. He turned around once more. From his raised position, he saw flickering light at the southern horizon. He squinted his eyes and could identify smoke rising to the sky. It is Tyr, he realizes, the city is buring…

King and Queen


When we came back to this temple after fetching Sarghon, we saw a skeleton lying at the temple entrance we had dug out. It had its face pointing down, but when I lifted the head it somehow seemed to grin. Scary! The path divided into two, one heading left, another heading right. Since one seemed as good as the other, we flipped a bone and headed left. There are those signs everywhere, on every wall, even on the ceilings. Sarghon does recognize some signs but they don’t make any sense in that arrangement to him. The path turned right and we headed into a big room that seems to be stripped to the stone. There are two huge statues lying face down at the entrance and two alcoves with a raised floor on each side. Apart from that this room is empty. There are still these signs everywhere.

After a little investigation we discovered that there must have been a gate on the far side of the room. It is sealed shut with some stronger stone than the surrounding walls. That gate got three big signs on it. The first one is distinctly an animal with a beak and wings, maybe a bird. The second one looks like some hills on the horizon, but with a very regular pattern. And the third one shows a line with a circle on one side. I don’t know what to make of that and neither does Sarghon or anyone else in our group. Our torches don’t reveal any hidden treasures here, so we decide to go back and take the other path. On our way out, I put a trap on the entrance that would alarm us when someone or something enters or leaves this room. Scary thoughts, but after all those weird creatures we’ve encountered in these mountains, we’ll better be safe.

The other path is also covered with scribbles and signs all over the walls. We gave up on trying understanding any of them. We now focus on finding that cave of Sariel’s. If that old hag wasn’t lying, there must be some connection to it within these stones. We found three more rooms, each more puzzling than the last. Two of them are filled with dried corpses, coffins, and rubble. One of the rooms has five men; the other has five women bodies. There are enough coffins for the bodies, so they were most likely pulled out by plunderers, looking for valuables. There are paintings in those rooms, but none of it makes any sense to any of us. The third room is bigger than the two with the dead bodies. It is filled with rubble and on one side there is a stone basin. But all this doesn’t help us and there seems to be no path to the cave we are looking for.

We further follow that path and come to a sudden end. At first glimpse I thought that this is the end of the caves and we have to head back out and find another way. But when we got closer, we heard a very silent swooshing sound of whirling wind. I saw that the path ended in a vertical shaft with stairs leading up and down. The ones to the bottom were made of stone and the ones up were made of wood. Well, there were made of wood at some time. Now the wood was mostly rotten away, leaving a climbing path. I spot immediately an easy path up. Securing myself with a rope I start to climb up. When the rope ended, I was still in the dark and couldn’t see anything of interest – just more rotten wood. So, we decided to go down first. Kicking a stone down for estimating the depth of that shaft made us all feel a little unwary. Not because it made any odd sound, but because it made no sound at all. It seems to be endless. We make our way down, staying close to the walls.

At the bottom of the stairs we found a big room. In the middle was a bed and on top of it was a dried corpse, a woman from the looks of it, with a mask over her face. There was jewelry and gems all over her and around her. I already wanted to fill my pockets when we heard a ghostly voice speaking with the voice of the wind. ‘Leeeeeaave!’. I stopped my hands before I could touch any of the stuff and looked a little further in that room. There were six huge sarcophagi standing beside the bed. That ghostly voice became louder, saying ‘Leeeeeeeeeaaaaaave!’ and ‘Goooooo!’ – we decided to follow its advice. It was all very scary and the trap I left down there is probably of no use. At the very best, it will alarm us if anything comes out of that room. Going further down was no option, because the stairs ended here. The shaft however did not end. Bottomless? Maybe, but I don’t intend to find out.

Now we are back to the place where the stone stairs ended. Sariel turned into a cat and climbed up that shaft very easily. When we did not hear anything for a few moments, I decided to follow her – this time I took the whole rope with me to help my friends when I get to somewhere. I counted about fifty times my height until I finally reached some ground to stand upon. I saw Sariel kneeling on the floor, a burned corpse in front of her. Helping my other friends up was the more pressing issue, though. So I put the rope down and helped them, one after another. Peikka, who was afraid at first, managed to climb up easily; he even neglected the rope. Aryenne wanted to help Sariel, but she wouldn’t let her. It is a male body with nice clothing, but it was burned very badly on one side. He has some features that are similar to Sariel’s, so he might be the one we were looking for. But these rooms do not look much like a cave. He must have come from somewhere. We look a little around and find a hole inside a smaller room that looks like the way that guy came from.

When we come back, Sariel seems to talk to that man. But he was dead earlier, wasn’t he? I am very confused and only get parts of their conversation: “They are after the same as we are.” “He is after Edalot.” “He told me where it is. It is in the Vault of Kalak.” “She wants me.” “She is calling me.” That is all weird stuff and I don’t know what to make of it. What is in the vault of Kalak? Who is Edalot? What is who after? And who is ‘she’? While we are still confused about all this, Sarghon suddenly begins to talk loudly: “Wait, there is something here!” Then his voice changes and becomes some kind of stretched and cracked voice that I didn’t know Sarghon is capable of talking in.

He said: “I knoooow yooouu! You have hurt the tomb of the old king! Thisssss isssss the tomb of King Azzzzinath of Yorum. I am Meishann of Yorum, the lasssssst guardian, and thissss creature hasss betrayed meeee.” Meishann! This name sounds vaguely familiar. I think it had something to do with that story Sarghon was telling us about recently.

We asked about Sariel’s friend Arannis. Meishann answered only “He came to me burnt.” Then we asked how Sarghon betrayed her. She said: “Thatari betrayed me. He sssssent my brother to his death and killed usssss all.” And to Sariel: “Thatari destroyed your world. He opened the leech that is slowly ssssstrangling the Landssss Within the Wind. He killed my brother in hisssss betrayal. He convinced us with lies and promisesss.” We want to know what Sarghon says about all this and tell it to her. She says that she can feel his thoughts.

She says that she betrayed her king, that she in her last act of madness killed him, and that for a person whose sole name sends a shiver down my spine. Myra the Scorcher. The betrayer of mankind. The tortured guardians stops making sense after that. She talks about torturing this body, torturing her enemy Thatari. But she would also torture Sarghon with that! “Leeaaave meee with thissss body. Leaaaaave.” Again and again, she tells us to leave and leave him with her. For a brief moment I was all up and set to go. But Sarghon has become a friend to us in the last moon cycle. She insists that we shall leave. We wouldn’t let her alone with Sarghon, we draw our swords, and shurikens to show her that we won’t leave without him.

We all know that Sarghon can do some amazing stuff and that more power lies within him. But we did not think about how severely they could hurt us. The blue man started one of his mind attacks. I’ve seen it often before and so I reacted immediately. My shuriken hit him in the shoulder, but he did not even interrupt his motion when he got hit. He used his mind powers to push us around and we almost fell down the shaft we came from. Not enough, suddenly two ghostly figures appeared in front of the sarcophagi and also Arannis got up. They all attacked us with evil mind powers – you never knew where an attack was coming from next. Aryenne was hit badly several times and must have been confused. She attacked Peikka instead of the ghosts. Then I saw Sariel going down the shaft, moments after I could throw myself on the ground to not get pushed down myself. I am sure that I saw our leader falling, but suddenly she was up and fighting again. The next thing I know is that suddenly I am attacking my friends. I try to fight it, but my hand grabs a new shuriken and throws it at Legion, my friend! With my second hand I can control myself and avoid grabbing more shurikens. Then the dizziness disappears and I see the fight clear again.

I see Arannis attacking Sariel and I decide to push him down the shaft. I see him falling as I saw Sariel falling before him. Then I see Sarghon getting down – unconscious or dead, I don’t know. There are still the ghosts, though. My shurikens run right through them, but some little part of their essence seems to move away with the weapon. After striking the ghosts with many blows of our weapons, they disappear. Probably they didn’t like being torn apart by us. After the fight was over, we checked on Sarghon. He was lying face down on the ground, but he was breathing and alive. He was just unconscious. The room revealed another bed, this time with a male dried corpse. It was wearing a crown and had a huge iron sword in his hands. The bed was covered with jewels, gems, and interesting figurines. I wanted to grab one, but the others stopped me and decided that it was better to leave everything as we found it.

That hole we found in the smaller room lead to the very cave we were looking for. Sariel and I crouched in there and had a look around. If she did find something, she didn’t tell me; so we went back to our friends. Sarghon was still unconscious, but he will have to answer many questions when he wakes up! Meishann called him Thatari. We heard the Voice of Urik calling him the same. What is it with that leech Meshan was talking about and what connection does Sarghon have to all that?

The Buried Temple


When Sarghon finally ended his tale about the events in the ancient times, the sun was setting. Before the darkness fell, we hurried down from the hill with the altar and found a good spot for a camp someway up a hill nearby. The story seemed to set most of the group in a thoughtful mood. I am usually not interested in these old stories, it is much more important to know about events that might affect me here and now. Nevertheless, I couldn’t stop thinking of this old world with its trees, seas and large cities. Is it really the same world as ours? Sarghon told us that he was a part of the story, but I’m not convinced. Can someone really be that old? He’s probably just trying to brag and impress us.

Suddenly Corrin froze with his hand in one of the supply bags. He was most likely trying to sneak away with some extra food (how can someone with his body size eat so much?!) but he got distracted. He told us to be quiet and pointed at a shadow standing beside a rock not far away. Corrin sneaked closer and when he came back he reported that it was a very old woman standing there alone and muttering something he didn’t quite understand. Suddenly she came closer.

Her voice sounded very old when she said “Give me the knife”. Legion, who had just been sharpening his knife and therefore had it in his hand, looked at her. “Why would you want my knife”, he asked. “Not your knife. I want THE knife”, she said. Corrin, who is the collector of the group, had previously taken care of the knife with the strange symbols we found at the altar. He was complaining about the feeling of unease you got when you carried it. It affected all of us the same way. Now he took it out and asked the old woman why she wanted it. “It is the knife that killed me and my family”, she answered. After some questioning we found out that she, her husband and their three children had been among the slaves sacrificed by king Kalak in this place a hundred years earlier. Her family died but she had “gotten better”. Now she wanted the knife to get her revenge. She wanted to kill the king. It didn’t seem to matter that Kalak is dead; she still wanted to kill the king of Tyr. It was not easy to get the story out of her. She seemed very confused and shouted bad words like “murder”, “death” and “betrayal” in every second sentence. Finally we promised her she would get the knife if she showed us the cave Sariel was looking for in the morning. Surprisingly she kept the shouting at bay most of the night and we could rest well with Legion and Peikka watching the old hag. Before I fell asleep I even saw Peikka offer her a piece of that bread Corrin tried to steal earlier.

In the morning light we could all see the wisps of white, dirty hair that covered parts of her head. She was thin and wrinkly and her clothes seemed to have been worn for the last century. Maybe she was as old as she had said the night before. She also had a nasty scar on her neck from ear to ear, as if someone had sliced it with a knife. She slowly led us the way back to the hill with the altar. There she stopped and said “It is gone. See, the landslide destroyed it.” Corrin found a piece of metal in the mud, but before anyone could get a good look at it, Sariel snatched it from him. When he objected, she said “It belonged to a friend of mine”, and put it in her pocket. Then she turned to the old woman. “Is there another way in”, she asked. ”Oh! You want to get into the cave. Why didn’t you say so”, the old hag answered and started climbing the hill. It was full of holes and big rocks, but after a while she seemed to find what she was looking for and led us down to a stone beside one of the large holes. There was a tunnel leading into the hill. Then she put out her hand. “Now I want the knife”, she said. Corrin, who was probably glad to get rid of it, gave it to her. Sarghon tried to object but as soon as the old hag got it in her hand, she turned around and went down the hill with an impressive speed for a woman of her age. She was laughing.

Sarghon, who was still in a bad mood after losing the knife which had been the origin of his storytelling, stayed at the entrance of the tunnel, while we started to make our way through. After a while we got into a chamber with five different tunnels leading in diverse directions. As we tried the largest one, we found a brick wall with strange inscriptions. Corrin drew some of them in his recipe book to show Sarghon later. The blue man seems to know things about symbols.

When we got back into the chamber I suddenly saw that most of it was covered with a green slime. That can only mean stone snakes… However, as we still needed to find the cave, we went into the next tunnel. Corrin went first and I waited to the end. Suddenly, as I took my first steps into the tunnel, the others stopped. I thought they had found another wall but then they all started to back off in a hurry. Corrin had stepped into a tunnel with teeth, which showed to be one of the inhabitants of the hill. It was not the only snake living here, as we would soon discover.

I was the only one left in the chamber but suddenly the place was crawling with snakes. I started to fight them and shouted to the others to hurry out from the tunnel and help me. I staved one off with my spear, but in the meantime another one attacked me from behind. Claw tried to get its attention and then Peikka was by my side. He blew up a few snakes and healed me at the same time. In that moment, the floor began to move and sand and stone was sucked away in the middle of the chamber. The head of a giant snake appeared. Legion came rushing out of the tunnel where he had fought the first snake and started attacking the big one with a roar. Peikka sent lightning and fire towards the beast, which drew the attention of the other snakes to him. I had to repay my dept immediately and healed him as much as my powers allowed. There was a flash of light from the area where he was standing. It was so strong I had to look away, and then suddenly everything was silent. As I looked back every single snake was dead.

When we all had caught our breaths, we continued our exploration of the tunnels and in one of them Corrin found a small hole in the wall. As he dug a little at the sides, the wall collapsed and reviled a shaft, clearly built by humans. They were probably plunderers because as we followed the shaft, it led in to a brick-built corridor of some sort of ancient temple. The walls were covered with the same type of inscriptions we had found earlier. We decided to get Sarghon and let him take a look at it.

Lady in Black


We would be no match for the giant army that had assembled near the mountains, and we made sure to evade any scouting parties or troops on watch as we continued northwards towards the mines. After walking carefully on a path running alongside the main road, we found a place to rest as the shadows hiding us from the Sun’s scourging rays became smaller by the minute.

After nightfall, Sariel and Legion woke us all up. They had spotted a man running along the main road, away from the main camp and towards the mines. It seemed like he was running from something, looking back over his shoulders continuously, but he was but a faint spot in the distance to us. As he came closer a group of riders appeared far behind in pursuit of the scared man. The pursuers were riding on crodlus, and quickly gained up on the man, who had now passed us. There was no telling at this point whether the man was a friend or foe, but with a huge army present in the vicinity, and the danger of the troops being alerted by someone managing to escape, we chose to stand by as the riders caught up with the man. Dust gathered around him and we could hear screams. It seemed the man was going towards an ill fate.

There is no honor in leaving a man to fend for himself, defenseless and outnumbered. I feel ashamed that we could not help him, but we had to think of the greater good. But there was the possibility that, if we saved the man, one of the riders could escape and manage to alert the troops in the main camp. Yes, there definitely was not anything we could have done about it. I should feel relieved, and yet I do not. Logic does not always take us on the morally righteous path, but for the greater good the true path is not always lined by happiness and song.

The least we could do was giving the man a decent burial, as required by his belief, and save him from the drooling faces of Legion and Corrin. As soon as the riders were far gone we approached the remains of the man and found his heavy armor punctured by a big spear tip. Thinking it may be useful in the future, I took it in my possession, hoping that I can find somewhere to repair it and it could find a use to save someone in the future.

Burying the man caused much debate in our group, as humans are not buried but burnt and their energy returned to the world. The girl Alina is so young in this world, she is blind to traditions and customs from different cultures. It seems that not only her eyes are blind but her mind as well. I must take some time some day to educate this girl, to teach her about this world which is not always so straightforward as she seems to think. It is littered with deceit and terror and sometimes you have to join the side to reach your righteous goal. In the end I was aided by our new member Piekka in burning the body. The wind quickly dissipated the fumes of the fire, and we continued onwards.

It did not take much time before we heard troops on the roads, the rattling sound from armors of bone and stone hitting flesh in a military march over the sand dunes. They accompanied some big cart; we could hear its movement over the hot sand. After hiding behind some cliffs, we took a better look at the approaching company; It was a luxurious wagon pulled by a huge mekillot, guarded by two elite guards. Judging from the luxury, it seemed its contents must be important. We decided to leave our crodlus behind and attack the carriage, aiming to strike down the two guards quickly. That proved to be a difficult task, and soon they called for someone inside the wagon: “Lady, your presence is required outside”.

A woman dressed in a long dark dress stepped out through the curtains enveloping the side of the wagon. “Thatari, is that you?” Adorning the head of that dress was a face that I never expected to see again; Tagashna whom I had left behind. The name she called me I haven’t heard for many decades. She explained to me how she is the Voice of Ulrik, working for the devilish Sorcerer-king that is laying waste to city states in a burning rage of terror. He claimed the fiendish Sorcerer-king is her new God, a true power rising in the world. When I first heard her, I thought she must be out of her mind, thinking she must clearly be wrong. But her clear-sightedness has often proved me wrong in the past, and as she continued talking I began to remember just this, and her words felt smoother and truer. I wished that she would take me with her, but she said I was still to weak: “You have forgotten so much of your power, that is hiding inside of you. That immense power of the Gods”. With a gloomy face I saw her disappear as the carriage continued towards the main camp. I felt confused, estranged, lost, forgotten…

Deadly alley

Peikka al

Bloodthirsty killer…
…that is what I have become in the past ten years. Though my service to Salabus is getting to its end, I have never felt the reason that kept me alive over these years, so far as it seems now. My debt for the safety of Mealdis and the child growing in her womb at the time of our parting is payed back by blood and crime. How could I return to them after these long years, after so many corpses, as an old thug, haunted by remorse.

But even thinking of remorse is pissing on the memory of long-dead gods. Yesterday I murdered two defenseless man, and participated in the killing of some other city guards. Salabus sent me on a last task to free a group of falsely accused scavengers from the custody of the city-guards. The guards were led by two Templars; Jaqim Condo and Rithisak Dyan. Salabus blackmailed Dyan, so he led the marching to a blind alley, where I was waiting. My task would have been to intimidate Condo and his man, and force them to retreat. I surprised them overly well; my first hit found Condo unprepared, he paid with his head. His captain and hirelings did not fall into panic seeing the fall of their master, they were up for revenge. They remained disciplined even when they realized that Dyan is ordering his people to not to interfere. The soldiers stoke me organized and hard, I fell into the ground severely wounded. I always considered myself prepared for death, but in that moment I was paralyzed by fear, that this last mission will pay me the end that I deserve.

By that time Sariel and her companions regained their weapons and were prepared for fighting the guards. A strange blue man, Sarghon and a girl, Aryenne came to my aid and saved my life, allowing me to return to the fight. The forces were equalized; it was a good fight, until the commander fell. His death was the final blow to the moral of the remaining guards, they tried to retreat, but Dyan’s guards did not allowed anyone to leave the alley, of course he did not want to leave anyone alive, to tell about the ambush. The fight turned into a massacre, a bloody massacre. My sword crashed the bones and cut the guts of another defenseless man, I was burning in anger that was eased only when the grotesque grin of violent death froze on his blood-covered face. When it was finished I led the prisoners to a derelict warehouse. All of us needed the rest, badly.

The very last thing I ought to do is to lead Sariel and her friends out of the city unharmed or to help them clean their name. This morning I told them what I know about their arresting and the involvement of their ‘friend’, the Titan. I also unfolded what I overheard some weeks ago at the shop from the conversation of Salabus and a strange young man. The stranger claimed that Sariel’s comrade, Arannis is in trouble in a cave to the north that serves as some kind of meeting place for them. First, I did not gave credibility to the hearsay, and just told Sariel about it as a sign of good will, but the expression of her face, and her decision of leaving the city immediately to the north, leaving their unfinished business with the guards unresolved, convinced me about the importance of the information. The road to the caves leads trough the desert, the road is long, dangerous and hostile even if there is peace. However, now the lack of shelter is the least concern of the wanderers; the armies of Urik are marching against Tyr from the north.

After Aryenne helped me collecting the equipment and mounts for the trip, our next concern was the way out of the city. Sariel choose to set up a meeting with Musa Dyan, asking him to repay his debt by letting us go. It was obvious that her request was against everything he values, but in the name of honor he agreed to escort us to the gates and provide safe passage. But he also swore that, he will hunt every last of us down and deliver justice for our souls. So far, he kept his word…

Now, the wind of the night desert is freezing to the bone, war is ahead of us, justice is behind. After ten years like the one passed on me the company of traitors, cannibalistic gnomes and man-eating giant ants suites me better than the warmth of a family. Therefore I’m determined to aid this party until my soul is redeemed, one way or the other.

Tremors in the Black Palace


This’s a long day. We tried to get some rest in the Black Palace, but this didn’t seem possible. This weird message, I got from The Nameless One for Sariel is still stuck in my head. ‘The Land within the Winds’, ‘Remember your kin!’ – I don’t understand the message, but it seems to tell Sariel something. She’ll know what to make of it.

There are lots of Toothcutters running around here, searching the area. They seem highly alarmed, so we’ve to take care. After we’ve left the room, we went on – away from the lights. We often hit paths that look like something collapsed here. After some time, we saw light in some distance. While Sariel, Sarghon, and I cautiously tried to see or hear something, Aryenne suddenly shrieked up. She claimed to have seen some shadow in the dark. I don’t see or hear anything there. But after we’ve all agreed that there isn’t anything we’ve to bother about now, we move on. Also, we hear voices from the direction we came from. So we move on.

We arrived at the bright path and looked in both directions. We couldn’t see a creature in either direction. We somehow had the feeling that the path to the left leads back to the black tower. Thus, we head right. After a couple of Halfling-feet, we saw a downwards staircase on the left-hand side. The line of torches leads that way. Sariel changed to a big spider and had a look down. She saw two people moving away from the staircase. They’re talking, but Sariel couldn’t get what it’s about. Now the staircase seems free, so we all go down.

Downstairs, we see two corridors, one to the left, and one to the right. We flip a stone and it decides we go left. After many more Halfling-steps, we turn left and follow the pathway straight for some time. It gets a little narrower, but it’s still lid quite well. We ignored a path on the left and headed straight. To the right there is a door now and there’s a huge room behind. There’re a red and a black talking somewhere more back in the room. We are going to sneak into the room.

At first, we all hid in the shadows quite well. After a few steps though, Aryenne stumbled over a stone. This, of course drew attention to her and the red knew her face. He immediately knew that the Templar Sariel belongs to her. So they went into the light. I managed to stay hidden in the shadows. Suddenly I realized who the man in black clothes is. It’s Aelar Longstride, the mighty elven seeker of the Crimson Companions! How much I liked his work with the bow! But what does he do here?

The red said many words now; I wasn’t paying so much attention to that. I only heard one important name: Aitekki! After a short glimpse around, I saw that the red was pointing at Aelar. Aelar is Aitekki; Aitekki is Aelar. That was my chance! I could kill Aitekki right now! However, when I drew my shuriken, Aitekki called the others in the room to kill us and started to move away. The red started to make silly movements with his hands. I’ve seen them before, some days ago in a backyard. The Veiled did similar movements and it hit me like this. The red’s a wizard and he’s going to shoot stuff at my friends. Thus, I threw my shuriken at the red wizard instead of Aitekki. Aitekki went out of the room, leaving us to die on the hands of the red wizard.

But it wasn’t only that wizard we had to fight against. There were many other elven and human creatures, not looking friendly. After we managed to fight off most of the creatures and deal the red wizard some damage, more creatures came in. Luckily they’re not very experienced and went down quickly. We pressed hard on the wizard while he did revenge this guy and that guy. Luckily, he did never kill one of my friends. When we’re about to win the fight against him, the earth began to tremor. I threw my shuriken at him, but it didn’t take him down. Then, Aryenne spirit appeared in front of him and I saw him going down.

The earth continued to tremor, big pieces of the ceiling fell down. One came down were Aryenne just stood a second ago. We all managed to leave the room alive. We ran for our lives. We fled back through the corridors, up the stairs, through more corridors. There were more people fleeing all around us, but we didn’t care for them. We reached the black tower. Here it was a little quieter and we could take some time to catch breath. We climbed back up to the part where the stairs did collapse, hours ago. But the tall Thri-Kreen Legion helped us all up at that point. Aryenne almost fell at one point. Suddenly, there was not Aryenne falling, but Sarghon and he managed to grab the stairs. Aryenne was safe, but a bit puzzled, at the place where Sarghon stood a second ago. I’ve seen Sarghon switching places with one of us before, but this time it was really unexpected. I think he save Aryenne’s life there.

We opened the door at the top of the tower and saw the red shapes, a rising sun creates. But there were also many spears around us, along with not one, but two Templars. At first, I was happy to see so many that would help us; finally an army! Then, one of the Templars started to speak. They were arresting Sariel; for conspiring to kill Ishtar of Tyr! He claimed that Sariel is a traitor from Urik. They arrested all of us and will bring us to the golden tower. Crap, I want this day to end! How long will it go on?

Falling Down


We were standing in front of the low, circular building. Corrin and Legion tried to eat but Sarghon would have none of it and started to descend the stairs. Claw bared his teeth to the man-eaters, and we joined Sarghon down into the darkness.

Soon Legion and Corrin followed. The steps took us down the tower. The walls were smooth and made of black stone. Suddenly, as Sarghon took another step down, we all heard a faint click and the stone he just stepped on sunk down a little. Sarghon stopped immediately. Corrin, who is well acquainted with traps of all kinds, soon figured out the mechanism. If Sarghon was to take another step, the stone would fall and we with it.

Legion or Corrin, both with blood and bodies on their brains, got the “brilliant” idea to fetch one of the dead bodies upstairs to put on the stone. They disappeared out of sight. Suddenly we heard someone coming from below and Sarghon took a pair of arrows in his shoulder. We both quickly put our bodies against the floor to hide from the shooters. Corrin was throwing shurikens from a level above us and Claw threw himself in between the enemies, biting and growling.

Suddenly Legion came running with the speed of a hungry Tembo. He had a body dangling from his shoulder, but when the big insect, still running like mad, entered the loose section, he clumsily triggered the trap and we all fell down. Bump, bump, bump. Three stories below, the fall finally stopped. Me and Legion managed to stay on the stairs, while Sarghon, fumbling and trying to regain his balance, lost the grip and fell even further. Luckily for him, he managed to find something to hold on to on the next level.

We easily killed the archers and their companions. The enemy was jumping down to our broken stone from the upper stories, but we killed all of them but one. He threw himself down to the next level but misjudged the distance and hurt his legs so badly when landing, that he fell down to the bottom of the tower. We heard the thump a long way down.

When we got to the bottom of the stairs we saw the man lying on the floor, arms and legs in strange angles. The walls weren’t black down here but still seemed well made and the corridors and chambers made me think of a palace. Sarghon, who seems to know a lot about old things, confirmed that when he started to talk about some Kalif and the Palace with the Black Tower from the ancient times. Whatever…

In the servant quarters we found a couple of beds and tried to get some rest. A moment after closing my eyes, I heard footsteps approaching. First I hoped that I had only heard voices from the Other side, but then I noticed that my companions had heard it too. Corrin stealed up to the door to get a look at the search party and after a while he returned with news of the enemies’ numbers, but also with a message to Sariel. I didn’t bother to listen.

We hid in the dark room, waiting for the searchers to pass, but one of them spotted us! He managed to cry out a warning before he got his entrails wasted on the floor. After an interesting fight in the doorway, Claw finished off the last fleeing elf and we went on to examine other parts of the palace. To be honest, I mostly looked for a new nice place to sleep…

The nightly attack - finally surprise on our side


Still breathless from the long chase, Corrin, Alina and I came back into the dirty little alley. My back hurted due to the long jumps over the rooftops, but it was definitely worth it: Finally we had a hint, where at least a few Toothcutters were hiding and my mind swore to take revenge. We would pay them back the next night!

When we arrived, Sarghon and Legion stood next to Shivrin Halfblood, who lay next to an old and rotten wagon on the dirty ground. The fat guy was shivering and sweat spilled of his forehead into his greasy sideburns.

Very rougly and careful not to mention to many details in the presence of Halfblood, we told Sarghon and Legion about our experiences. They also had some news for us: Apparently Shivrin was so scared of Legion, who had lots of plans how to make the fat guy part of a ‘delicious’ recipe, that he invited us to his home and to offer us some new equipment. Usually I think this ‘eating humans’ thing by Corrin and Legion is really disgusting, but at this point I had to admit that at least the threat, had been really useful.

Half an hour later Legion half pushed, half carried the completely exhausted Halfblood into is house. Through a heavy door he led us in his repository. The pretty large room was stuffed over and over with armor, weapons and other items and many of them looked really old and useless. I really hoped that we would find something useful in here that justified, why we didn’t kill Shivrin the Betrayer. One after another we rummaged in his stuff and brought things to light: A heavy leather shield for Legion, a new dagger for Corrin, a staff for me and also stuff for the others. During his efforts to divide the good from the bad stuff he told us stories of him as a gladiator and I couldn’t really figure out, what was the truth and what just fairytails.

Everything we got was really good weaponery except an old, blunt, wooden sword that Shivrin gave to Alina. After a while we left the guy with his fear and his fairytails alone and went back to the quarters of Legion and Corrin.

There we discussed the future plans. For me it was fixed that we would go during the next night to the hideout of the Toothcutters and revenge all the attacks and all the injustice that they did to the citizens of Tyr. But Sarghon had a different opinion. We argued a lot and I really started to think that his feeling thing really fogged his mind and his clear thinking. After a long discussion I finally exercised my rights as a leader and we figured out a plan how to approach the area.

First we went into the merchant area to buy some old, dark and rotten clothes to hide in the dark and not to draw to much attention while sneaking around the hide out.

Afterwards we went – with the ‘new’ cloaks in the baggage – to the Toothcutters hide out and tried to look for entrances and guards without drawing much attention. After dismissing the plan to approach through the underground, we agreed on entering the complex of builidings over the roofs. Silently I went to a sideway alley and shapechanged into spider form. Quickly I crossed the street and crawled up the high wall. At the inside I could see some people carrying stuff towards something that looked like a ‘Halfling-tower’ and the guard we had seen earlier in the morning on top of the wall. After a while a large man came out of one of the buildings. He was pretty large and muscular and bossed the people around. He was apparently the boss in this area.

When I came back I told the others what I’d seen and we figured out a plan to pay a prostitute for going in there and cause a moment of distraction so that we could get over the wall easier. As soon as it was dark, we climbed carefully up a near house and jumped over towards the builings within the wall. 5 meter below us the prostitute was leaded pretty roughly towards a door and pushed in. A moment later, nasty screams filled the clear night air and echoed back from the houses.

Silently we made our way further through the complex. Suddenly a single guard appeared and saw us. Corrin threw quick-witted a shuriken at him and hit him deadly. But apparently other guards had heard that something fishy was going on and within seconds we were involved in a fight. More and more enemies appeared and we killed one after another. Legion kicked the door, which led into a room where we had heard the prostitutes screams come from and caught the leader and the prostitute red-handed. The prostitute was bleeding heavily, apparently the leader had hit her severely. The Leader stood up and got a large warhammer from a shelf before Legion could attack him for the first time. Although the guy was completely naked he fought like mad. Through the door and between hitting and killing enemies I could see that he made to hit Legion often pretty hard and in the end the large insect went prone to the ground. Sarghon ran towards him to assist him in his fight since also another elf had joined the Leader in the room. As soon as Corrin, Alina and I managed to hold the enemies outside at bay, Corrin and I ran to help our companions. With united forces we managed to kill both the Leader and the Elf and Legion survived with the healing abilities of Sarghon.

Since all the other inhabitants of the complex fled, we took our time to search through all the buildings. When we opened the door to the ‘Halfling-tower’, we discovered caved wooden stairs leading downwards into the pitch-black depth…


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