In the Shadow of Kings

The shadows of Tyr


For a long moment, the heroes stood there frozen to the ground, as the scenery around them went up in flames. The two silhouettes floating high up in the air covered the sun, but the roaring fire that shot out from the King and Queen of Tyr forced the bystanders to cover their eyes. No invader was spared as the fire hit the city, quarter after quarter, and agonizing screams from both friend and foe reached all the way to the Golden Tower where they were standing. Shortly thereafter, the stench of burning flesh woke the heroes up from their paralysis.

Everything was now clear to them. In hindsight, it had all been so obvious, but who could really have guessed? The notes of Aziru’s dreams that Arannis had written down, the similarities between the new King and Queen and the statues of the Seven in Kalak’s Vault, the fairy tale rise of two gladiators fighting against an oppressive Tyrant. But who would be able to kill a Sorcerer-King if not another user of Defiling magic? And who else but someone with the power of a Sorcerer-King could do what these two were doing right now? King Shamash and Queen Ishtar could be no others than Oronis the Dirge and Myra the Scorcher. The nightmarish monsters from the tales that children of all cultures were taught by their mothers to fear. “Don’t be out in the sun by mid day, or you will be almost as bad off as the victims of Myra the Scorcher”. “Watch who you are wooing, young man, or you might end up as Oronis the Dirge.” They were back to destroy the world. It was the only possibility.

And now, the city around them was burning. They had to get away from Tyr, and quick! The area around the Dragon’s Gate was strewn with dying or dead men belonging to both the Tyrian Guards and the Urikan Lions, and there was no one there that could stop them as they fled. Their path continued through blocks of burning buildings, and even though the fighting and screams were everywhere around them, there was never anyone in their way.

Suddenly, however, one of the tall buildings near the Artisans’ Square emitted a deafening blast that must have been heard halfway to Urik, and the explosion sent two floors of stone right over them. Exactly what happened at that point is still unclear, but Legion and Corrin remembered a burning and hysterical Aryenne searching for her lost sister. Sarghon was also nowhere to be found. Exactly how or when they finally managed to carry the gravely burned half-elf through the Northern Gate, no one really know, but after an eternity, they had finally reached the relative safety of the wilderness north of Tyr.

The low hills around Tyr were full of fugitives that were trying to either flee the burning city or seek refuge there from the wandering bandits and rebels in the rest of the Valley. As the days went by and the three remaining heroes; Corrin, Legion and Aryenne, recuperated and searched in vain for their lost friends and allies, the rumors started spreading around the campfires. The beloved King and Queen of Tyr had saved the city by setting a clever trap. And it did seem that although the city was in ruins and parts of it was still burning, thousands had been saved, and the rebuilding had already started. And so many celebrated, because the King and Queen were back, and the Urikan army had been spotted fleeing back to their own city, and the few remaining soldiers of Azera Semira had fled south out from the Tyrian Valley. The city was once again safe, and they had shown to everyone that the new Tyr was a power to be reckoned with!

But the remaining heroes mourned their dead and lost, and they knew that it had all just begun….



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