In the Shadow of Kings

A turn of events


Corrin’s eyes flickered as he told us what awaited us beyond the peak of the hill, but we knew what he was going to say already before his mouth spoke the words. The city is already burning, the trebuchets being assembled in front of our eyes and lining most of what we see of the walls of Tyr. The city has fallen before even the first stone has been flung against its walls, a city with not much defense more than shelters of stone built my man, and now to be destroyed by man. The prideful city that I once considered my flawed diamond but now view in disgust as the true faces of the men inside it have revealed themselves after the events of the last few days.

The host of the Urikan army is immense with thousands and thousands of soldiers wielding the flag of the city-state of Urik. And in the midst of this is my old friend Nidaba. What has become of her, if only I could reach into her heart and find that gentle personality that I once knew her for.

Ahead lies this city, and we have a whole army to get through, thick walls to climb and desperate soldiers inside the city to fight off as well. We have a choice of trying to trick our way in past the soldiers and somehow through the city gates, or finding an old smugglers’ tunnel leading from a small town south of the city, and into the heart of Tyr. My thoughts went to finding Nidaba, but her rejection last time didn’t bring me much hope that she would in any way help us.

It seems that our best choice is to look for that smugglers’ tunnel, but it could take days to go through every building of the town and find it. After much discussions we decide that Piekka and Legion would approach a commander of the army and persuade them that they are smugglers looking to earn a great reward for the important information and leading troops through the tunnel.

However things did not go as planned, as the rest of us who were traveling to the town where we would wait and hide until the troops would find the tunnel, we were discovered by scouting troops. In the night it was difficult to see where we were going, but after much time we met our friends again. But in the company someone rather unexpected, namely my old employer Azera Semira, and the man was still as full of himself as last time I saw him, and he hadn’t forgotten about me either.

He knew an awful lot about my companions as well, no way of knowing how or why but I became aware of one of his men who seemed to be feeding him with information. Entering the room, I felt immediately that there was something foul in the air, I could almost smell the darkness in the man’s heart, there was something wicked about him. Azera however was not out to kill me or the poor servant girls, neither the others, but we were sent with an escort led by Ashad the Flayer. I expected no foul play from Azera, the man glorifies himself so much that he thinks he can control everything around him.

The walk through the tunnels accompanied by some 30 soldiers and Ashad the Flayer did not go as easy as I had expected, but luckily Piekka seemed to know his way around the place, and after a long walk we reached the exit and found ourselves in the Warrens of Tyr.



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